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[Costs & Prices] Cement-bound leveling fill costs per m²

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[Cement-bound compensating insulation & fill costs]

Cement-bound leveling fill - costs

Cover an uneven floor plate, protruding pipes and cables laid in the floor with one inexpensively and easily leveling fill. With Lightweight concrete create the level surface you need for your safe and fast construction progress at low cost. In addition, the lightweight concrete layer at the same time as cement-bound insulation for your building.

Advantages of bound leveling fill

The cement-bound fill Compensates for small and large bumps at low cost. Of the lightweight screed also straightens large height differences and forms a long-term dimensionally stable and at the same time light layer. The cement bond prevents later compaction and optimally prepares the surface for the application of the load-distributing layer.

Due to its low weight, the cementitious insulation excellent for use in existing buildings and for renovation cases. With the cement-based leveling insulation overcome any Height differences in compliance with all static requirements. Ultimately owns the cement-bonded styrofoam leveling insulation also great soundproofing properties, with which you can isolate your living space from disturbing sources of noise at low cost.

[Compensatory fill costs per square meter]

cost per square meter


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[ Leveling fill and insulation costs ]

Cement bound leveling fill costs

to 150 m²

30 €

from 150 m²

  • Setting up the construction site with storage space for the material
    • Removal of the meter mark for correct leveling
      • PE film as a separating layer
        • Edge insulation strips - PE foam
          • Straight honing of the flat surface
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to 100 m²


to 100 m²

  • Setting up the construction site with storage space for the material
    • Removal of the meter mark for correct leveling
      • PE film as a separating layer
        • Edge insulation strips - PE foam
          • Straight honing of the flat surface
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[ Leveling with cement-bound fill ]

Areas of application for the cement-bound fill

In order for a load-distributing screed to remain firm and stable over the long term in your new building, a level subfloor is essential. Floor plates are often a bit uneven or pipes and cables protrude. In these cases, the cement-bound leveling fill is a good and cost-saving way to create a homogeneous level. The cement-bound fill is inexpensive and improves the service life and durability of the layers built on it.

The cement-bonded polystyrene leveling insulation is also ideal for filling larger cavities between pipes. The binding of the leveling fill fixes the correct position of the pipes. In contrast, with a loose, unbound fill there is always a risk that the fill will compact. This puts stress on your pipes and can damage them. This is not the case with cement-based leveling insulation, which gives you security and optimally protects your floor.

Cement-bound leveling compound at a fixed price

With our transparent fixed-price offers for your cement-bonded leveling insulation, we offer you fair and clear costs that help you to calculate your building project safely and economically. In addition to open transparency, we also value the high quality of our work.

The question of how we achieve this at our low costs is easy to answer. Above all through motivated and well-trained employees. In addition, we continuously pass on to you purchasing advantages that we have acquired over the past 30 years in the laying of screed, lightweight concrete and bound leveling fill. Experience pays off, especially for you as a customer.

Save costs with our fair fixed price offers. With 100 square meters of cement-bound leveling fill you can straighten a 4-room apartment, 200 square meters is enough for a house with a garage or a medium-sized office space. Simply select the right number of square meters and we will do the rest. Look forward to your high-quality lightweight screed and rapid construction progress.

This scope of services is included in the fixed price

So that you have an overview when calculating your costs in the construction project, we offer you all our services for cement-bound leveling fill at a fixed price. This way you are always in control and protected from surprises. These services relating to cement-bonded leveling insulation are included in our fixed-price offer:

  1. Setting up the construction site with storage space for the material
  2. Removal of the meter mark for correct leveling
  3. Laying the high-quality leveling fill
  4. Straight honing of the flat surface

Also included is the high quality material we use for your cement bonded fill. Contact us today so that we can put your desired date for the application of your leveling fill in our calendar.

Your experienced partner for cement-bound leveling fill

In order to fulfill your wishes, we rely on trust, quality and courteous customer service. The feedback from our long-standing regular customers shows us that we are on the right track with this attitude. We regularly test new materials and methods in order to offer you the best service and excellent material quality at a low cost.

Talk to us today and we will install your cement-bonded insulation punctually on your desired date in order to move your construction project forward safely and quickly.

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[ FAQs ]

Do you have anymore questions?

How quickly can the cement-bound leveling fill be walked on?

The cement-bound fill is typically sufficiently hardened after 2 - 3 days to start the next work steps. However, unfavorable weather conditions, damp or cool seasons and a large layer thickness can extend the drying time of your lightweight screed. Our friendly customer service will be happy to help you determine the optimal time for follow-up work.

Are cement-bound insulation, fill and lightweight concrete the same?

Yes. In normal usage, the terms cement-based leveling insulation, leveling fill and lightweight screed are often used as synonyms. This is mainly due to the fact that the cement-bound fill is so versatile. It is light, overcomes height differences in a cost-effective manner and has very good insulating properties.

I have special requests, can I get an individual offer?

Of course. Our courteous customer service will be happy to prepare an individual offer for you that is tailored precisely to your wishes and requirements. Simply tell us what you need and we will take care of the costs and the technical implementation.

Are all services included in the costs for the cement-bound leveling fill?

Yes, this is a complete offer. In order to protect you from later surprises during construction, we always calculate openly and fairly. From setting up the construction site to using high-quality materials and carefully smoothing out the leveling fill, the costs quoted include all of the services that we provide for you.

When can you start work?

Our well-established customer service is often able to reserve an appointment for you for height adjustment with lightweight concrete as early as the following week. At the agreed time, our motivated team will appear punctually at your construction site and lay your cement-bound leveling fill.

Is cement-bonded insulation suitable for use in old buildings?

Yes. One of the great advantages of the material we use for your leveling fill is its low weight. As a result, the lightweight concrete we use is ideally suited for the renovation of existing buildings. Our friendly customer service will be happy to help you with tips and many years of experience.

Do the costs mentioned also apply in the commercial sector?

Yes. The fixed prices mentioned here are determined by the services we provide and all the high-quality materials used. Here we make no distinction between companies, private builders and public clients. If you would like to provide large-scale workshops or production facilities with lightweight screed or have another specific requirement, please feel free to contact us for an individual offer.

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