[ Our company ] Screed is our profession - and has been for more than 35 years
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[ Corporate Values ]

Our core values

Quality and reliability are always our top priority. Our quality standards include both the use of high-quality, durable materials and their careful processing in compliance with all standards and building regulations. For us, reliability means ensuring your project schedule and construction progress by reliably meeting our deadlines and laying work.

In addition, we stand for innovation and customer friendliness. In the area of innovation, we continuously keep up to date with new materials and methods in order to always provide you with an individually suitable recommendation for your project. You can reach us in a customer-friendly and convenient way via WhatsApp or your preferred social network. Feel free to ask us a question there or follow us today for latest updates.

Customer friendliness

"Best material quality."


"In the right place at the right time"


"Wide range of services."

[ Successful family business in the third generation ]

Your screed is our passion

More than 35 years of experience go into every screed we lay for you. We work tirelessly and with great pleasure every day to equip homes and businesses in Bavaria and throughout Germany with energy-saving flooring. Quality and reliability are our top priorities.

As an experienced screed layer and founder, Fatih Demir decided to go into business for himself in 2005. From the beginning, his goal was to implement his high standards of quality and reliability in his own projects. These values are still in demand and his concept worked. Initially, he and his team worked as subcontractors in the region around Weißenburg, but his area of operation quickly expanded to include construction sites throughout Bavaria.

In order to meet the increasing demand from private customers and general contractors, the company now has four locations. From Weißenburg, Ingolstadt, Munich and Garching an der Alz, our employees can quickly reach your construction site. Today, the teams are led by Göktürk Demir, who is now the third generation to continue running the established family business.