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Smoothing concrete - a proven process with major advantages

Concrete smoothing is a process used to smooth and refine the surface of concrete. Special small and large concrete smoothing machines are used for this purpose. This treatment of concrete surfaces has long proven its worth in industrial construction. It is now also used in commercial and private residential construction and is valued as an alternative that saves time and money.

A smooth, even and aesthetically pleasing surface can be achieved by smoothing concrete. The durability of the concrete is increased. The surface of poured concrete is normally rough and uneven. This unevenness can be removed by smoothing, resulting in a smooth, closed surface. The application of a screed is no longer necessary.

Concrete smoothing is carried out directly after stripping the formwork, while the concrete is still sufficiently moist and has a malleable consistency. To do this, a concrete smoothing machine - the trowel - is run over the concrete surface. The rotating grinding plates level and smooth the material. Smoothing can be combined with special chemicals. This can further improve the durability of the surface.

Practical, cost-effective, hard-wearing - we smooth your concrete surface with state-of-the-art machines

Wherever a concrete slab is poured, smoothing is an inexpensive way of transforming a rough concrete floor into a smooth surface.

This smoothing is particularly useful and economical for the following floors:
- Industrial floors
- garage floors
- storage areas
- floors of tank containers
- Agricultural floors

We use our machines to process both large industrial floors and small areas of up to 250 square meters.

What characterizes smoothed concrete

The concrete smoothing process gives you a cost-effective, hard-wearing and smooth floor - aesthetically pleasing and all of a piece. Compared to screed, the smoothed concrete floor is significantly more robust and resilient. The concrete floor is made from a single cast and there is only a low risk of the surface flaking.

The advantages of smoothed concrete are manifold.

  1. The process improves the surface quality of concrete because it eliminates cracks, unevenness, irregularities and other defects.
  2. Durability is extended. Moisture and other harmful substances cannot easily penetrate the concrete floor.
  3. Dirt and deposits do not settle in cracks and uneven areas. The smooth surface is easier to clean than a rough floor panel.
  4. A flat base plate contributes to safety. Tripping hazards due to uneven surfaces are reduced.
  5. The maintenance costs are low. The even surface of the concrete requires less maintenance and repair work in the long term than rough concrete.

Concrete smoothing process

After installation, the fresh and still damp concrete must be firm enough to be walked on. Then the motorized smoothing machines can be used. First, the concrete surface is rubbed and compacted with the "plate" and the concrete fines are transported to the surface. This is followed by the work steps with the "trowel". It is used to level and further smooth the surface. Rotating trowels distribute the concrete fines evenly and compact them further to create a screed-like surface.

Various surface structures can be produced with the trowel. With the help of our special edge machines and hand trowels, we can cleanly finish even the outermost edges of the surface. If desired, the finished smoothed surface can be wetted and also covered with foil. These methods serve to prevent the surface from drying out too quickly, especially in hot weather. This reduces the risk of cracking.

Advantages of working with our concrete trowel:

- an optimally smooth surface
- quick usability
- high wear resistance due to the incorporation of hard material
- under normal conditions without any layer separation, chipping or cavities
- Colored floors are also possible

At your request, we can seal the smoothed concrete surface or carry out an early impregnation.
Our large number of vehicles and smoothing machines also enables us to carry out jobs with large areas.

Concrete smoothing - prerequisites for an optimum result.

Several factors are important for excellent results. On the one hand, the weather plays a role. The setting behavior of the concrete must be coordinated, as well as a stable foundation and suitable formwork. Ventilation, power and water must be available on site, as well as lifting equipment for the machines. Precise timing is of great importance due to the small time window.

The following factors must be taken into account when smoothing:

The concrete surface should be protected from the weather. There is an increased risk of workmanship on outdoor surfaces and at temperatures above 30°C and below + 5 degrees Celsius. Weather damage can be caused by various factors: By rain, snow, frost or direct sunlight, by strong temperature fluctuations and by draughts. If the concrete mix design is not adapted to the weather and if, for example, expansion joints are missing, the result may not be optimal. The customer bears the risk in the event of weather damage.

- Concrete properties
The concrete must be uniform in consistency and setting behavior and suitable for concrete smoothing. Its recipe must be adapted to the weather conditions. The fact that the concrete will be smoothed should be pointed out when the concrete is ordered.

- Concrete paving:
The start and end of the surface must be easily accessible with our smoothing equipment. There must be sufficient height for the machines, and the ground and formwork must be sufficiently stable.

- What we need from you:
Light, power and water must be available on site. As a rule, lifting equipment is required for the machines. If time management requires night work, a night work permit must be obtained from the local authorities.

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With the help of our consistent quality management, we recognize any errors at an early stage and can thus eliminate them and avoid them in the future. Our tried-and-tested processes and organizational structures mean that we are also able to implement prompt requests quickly and with quality. You benefit from our many years of experience. We can also respond quickly and adequately to unusual challenges and complete your orders efficiently.

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