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Repair screed

Repair screed - New screed does not always have to be laid

In the past, screed was only known as the substrate for the actual floor covering. It was the layer between a (hopefully) efficient insulation and a beautiful parquet, flow or laminate floor. Nowadays screed can do much more. It is used not only as an intermediate layer, but also for the installation of underfloor heating or shines as a screed even instead of an additional floor covering. It is all the more important that the Screed maintained and even small cracks repaired. In today's post, we'll show you how to repair screed!

Causes of damage and cracks in the screed

If the screed has a crack, many builders immediately think of replacing it and the immense costs that can arise. However, this is often not necessary at all, since screed can also be repaired.

However, before you begin any repair, it's important to find out about the cause of the crack to make thoughts. After all, it would be useless if you repaired this crack in the screed and after a while new damage appeared next to it.

The most common causes of a crack in the screed are:

  • Incorrect mixing ratio at the installation
  • Missing Expansion and contraction joints
  • Too thin laid screed
  • false application of the screed
  • lack of release layer
  • pressure sensitive (wrong) Insulation
  • premature burden
  • excessive burden

While the last point indicates your own misconduct and can easily be corrected in the future, the other points are to be classified as construction defects. If a professional construction company has worked here, it is important to have a appoint construction experts. If the crack is due to previous construction defects, this construction company is liable.

Repair damage to the screed

How exactly one The extent to which a crack in the screed can be repaired depends primarily on the damage. Is the crack only superficial? Is the crack deep but not reaching the insulation layer? Or is the crack so deep that even the insulating layer has been damaged?

In the first two cases, it is probably still possible to repair the screed. If the crack has penetrated into the insulation layer, a specialized construction company be commissioned. Deep cracks can not only damage lines, but in the worst case also the statics of the entire house.

Repair screed


Repair screed - only for professionals or experienced craftsmen

Easy DIY guide

If the crack is only superficial, a experienced do-it-yourselfer with a lot of skill dare to repair. However, if you are not sure, we strongly recommend contacting a construction company and at least letting the experts take a look.

  1. First clean the crack and then open it along its entire length using a cutting disc.
  2. Next up are those Cross-sections. These are placed at right angles to the actual crack at a distance of about 25 cm and are about 10 cm long.
  3. The cleaned, grease-free, dry tear will be used in the next step half cast with casting resin. This is a mixture of two components based on epoxy resin.
  4. will be in the next step Screed clamps in the cross sections inserted. It is important that these disappear completely in the cut.
  5. Now the Crack filled with resin up to the upper edge. Be sure to peel off the excess resin.
  6. After a drying time of about an hour on the processed surface quartz sand scattered.
  7. Then the Excess quartz sand is vacuumed off after a drying time of four hours.

When repairing, be sure to pay attention to one adequate protective clothing in the form of (at least) gloves, breathing mask and safety goggles.

Conclusion: repairing the screed is often more sensible than laying a new one

The screed is an important component and should be cleaned accordingly maintained and repaired if necessary will. In the event of damage, however, the entire layer does not have to be replaced at once - you can often repair the screed. Superficial cracks can also be repaired by an experienced handyman. In this case, make sure that you work particularly meticulously and cleanly.

However, if you want to be on the safe side, you should hire a professional construction company. The team of "We lay screed“ consists of experienced specialists who pursue their profession with passion. Contact us and we will make you a non-binding & free offer!