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Fair-faced screed or floor coating - which floor is right for me?

Germany's floors are experiencing a new trend. The elementary look of fair-faced screed and large-area floor coatings is increasingly appealing to German tenants and homeowners. But what makes industrial floors so attractive for living areas? A quick look at the pros and cons might explain its success.

Industrial look for living areas

Fair-faced screeds and hard-wearing floor coatings offer great benefits wherever floors are exposed to heavy loads. In addition to production halls and warehouses, they can be found in shops and administrative buildings that are open to the public, in hospitals, schools and kindergartens, as well as in multi-storey car parks and sports halls.

The fair-faced screed is a screed that can do without a floor covering due to its sanded and sealed surface. The appearance of this screed is mainly characterized by the additives or colors used.

Floor coatings, on the other hand, usually consist of a thin layer of synthetic resins such as epoxy or polyurethane resins, which seal the concrete or screed underneath. Applied as a liquid or pasty mass, the floor coating hardens as a large and uniform floor.

The trump cards of fair-faced screed

The two biggest advantages of a fair-faced screed are its low-cost production and its long service life. Even in large warehouses and lavish lofts, the screed layer can use it to create an economical floor that has an elegant and modern appearance. Fair-faced screed is extremely resilient, durable and resistant to wear and abrasion.

Because of its good heat capacity, fair-faced screed is often used as heated screed in connection with underfloor heating. In addition, the seamless screed laying is ideal for creating barrier-free rooms that are moisture-resistant with appropriate sealing and allow easy cleaning. For individual design, the market now offers a lavish selection of colored and interesting additives that give free rein to creativity.

Difficult with fair-faced screed is the need for careful planning. Urgently required expansion joints should always be made by an experienced screed company in order to avoid uncontrolled cracks. As experts, the screed layers also take care of the right choice of material and the prevention of disruptive ones air holes.

This is where the floor coating scores

While the fair-faced screed is excellent at distributing large pressure loads, floor coatings show their full potential when exposed to loads from playing children, athletes, public traffic or the busy hustle and bustle in warehouses. Depending on the material, the floor coating, which is a few millimeters thick, hardens elastically or firmly.

The thin, seamless and durable synthetic resin is an excellent indoor and outdoor floor. It can be easily applied to new buildings, refurbishments and renovations and allows enormous design freedom when it comes to coloring from colorless transparent to brightly colored RAL colours. In addition, the screed layer adapts the surface quality of the floor coating to the respective requirements. Insulated impact sound and increased walking comfort, liquid-tight and resistant to chemicals or as an ESD floor to discharge electrostatic discharges - there is a solution for every application.

In terms of heat resistance and the ability to recycle, however, the floor coating loses a few points. Likewise, in strong sunlight, a UV-resistant top layer should be chosen to prevent unsightly yellowing. Synthetic resins with the AgBB seal (committee for the health assessment of building products) are characterized by low outgassing. Mechanical damage can be repaired quite easily. However, for the sake of a uniform appearance, these should definitely be carried out by an experienced specialist.

Resilient industrial look or hard-wearing color scheme

The conclusion remains to be summarized: The fair-faced screed is resilient, durable and is characterized by a modern and simple industrial look. The floor coating, on the other hand, is hard-wearing, the color of which can be matched to an existing room design and can be easily repaired if damaged. Both variants are suitable for creating an open and modern sense of space that enhances residential, commercial and public areas.

As a screed company, we will be happy to help you choose suitable materials and advise you on the planning and implementation of your floor renewal.

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