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[ Exposed screed cost ]

Exposed screed costs at a glance

Full visible screed cost transparency

With us, you can trust in openness and full transparency, because our exposed screed price per square meter is considered a complete price. Everything is included, from expert labor to quality materials. With our experience of more than 35 years as screed layers, we will expertly and professionally design your new floor. Read here how you can get full visible screed cost control with us.

The right offer for every size

With us you are welcome with large and small building projects. To ensure that you always get the best price, we have divided our offer into three gradations.

  1. Screed (visible screed) up to 100 m² floor area
  2. Screed (visible screed) up to 150 m² floor area
  3. Screed (visible screed) up to 200 m² floor area

For your estimation and planning: 100 m² corresponds to an average four-room apartment, whereas 200 m² of floor space would allow you to build a large detached house including terrace and garage with screed.

[ Exposed screed price ]

Exposed screed price per square meter

Exposed screed up to 100 sqm

130 €

per m²

  • PE film separating layer
  • Edge insulation strips made of PE foam
  • High quality cement screed
  • Non-porous wing smoothing
  • Inserting dummy joints
  • Grinding the surface
  • Sealing your exposed screed
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Exposed screed up to 200 sqm

110 €

up to 200 m²

  • PE film separating layer
  • Edge insulation strips made of PE foam
  • High quality cement screed
  • Non-porous wing smoothing
  • Inserting dummy joints
  • Grinding the surface
  • Sealing your exposed screed
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"Best material quality."


"In the right place at the right time"


"Wide range of services."

All this is included in our exposed screed price

For your exposed screed, we use high-quality and durable cement screed that will give your rooms a modern and elegant loft feel. We bill simply, fairly and clearly, by square meters and without hidden costs. We choose the thickness for your screed according to your needs. Up to a screed thickness of 80 millimeters, everything is included in our transparent visible screed price. In detail, we perform the following services for you:

  • Laying out the separating layer of PE foil
  • Laying the high-quality cement screed
  • Application of edge insulation strips made of PE foam
  • Pore-free wing smoothing of the applied screed
  • Design and insertion of dummy joints
  • Clean sanding of the surface
  • Durable sealing of your exposed screed

With this complete package from expert hands, you can look forward to a visible screed that will withstand rocking horse races as calmly as joy dances and pet mishaps. With more than 35 years of screed experience, we know what matters. Treat your family to a durable, beautiful, low-maintenance floor with full visible screed cost control. Get your personal offer right now.

The fine art of exposed screed

We want your exposed screed to look as good as possible and last for many years. Two components in particular are important for this: experience with the best materials for the job and expertise in handling and applying them. Properly installed, your exposed screed will save you the cost of another floor covering. Your new floor will look modern, be sturdy and support the effect of your underfloor heating.

In order to always achieve the best result for you, we are constantly educating ourselves. If there are new technologies or methods, we test them out and learn how to use them. Thus, for our economical exposed screed price you get a modern, attractive and durable floor that will accompany you at many stages of your life.

Contact us right now and you’ll soon be walking on your new, seamless exposed screed.

[ FAQ`s ]

Questions and answers

Is exposed screed suitable for living rooms?

Yes, exposed screed is very suitable for the whole apartment. The elegant screed gives your rooms an airy, modern ambience. In addition, with exposed screed you save the cost of additional flooring.

Is exposed screed suitable for bathrooms?

Yes, exposed screed is excellent for wet rooms. Do you want a bathroom that is easy to clean and has no grout? Then exposed screed is the right choice for you.

How to clean exposed screed?

Exposed screed is easy to maintain. Besides sweeping or vacuuming, a little water and stone soap is all you need to keep your floor maintained and clean at all times.

Which screed do I get as a visible screed?

For your exposed screed we use high quality cement screed. By subsequent smoothing, sanding and sealing, we refine the expertly applied screed into an attractive exposed screed. The price includes these services as a complete package.

How long does it take to dry?

The drying time for your exposed screed depends on the thickness. Typically, your screed will be thoroughly dry and fully loadable after six to eight weeks.

Can it be done faster?

If your schedule requires it, then we can greatly reduce the drying time for your screed with suitable additives. To do this, please just let us know.

When can I walk on the exposed screed?

You can enter your screed already after a few days. Please wait for drying time before full load. This gives the residual moisture sufficient time to escape via vapor diffusion.

Can you provide me with a customized exposed screed price quote?

We will be happy to make you an individual offer, just contact us. This way you keep your visible screed costs under control at all times.

When can you come by?
After your order, we will be with you within 5-7 days and install your exposed screed.