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[ floor coating costs ] Floor coating prices and costs per square meter
[ floor coating costs ]

Floor coating costs at a glance

Durable floor coating at a fair price

Would you like a floor that is still as beautiful after many years as it was on the first day? Then the offer from our screed company with a fixed floor coating price is just right for you. In subtle colors or brightly patterned, this easy-care floor emphasizes your own personal furnishing style. You get a whole new feeling of living.

Fair floor coating costs for small and large areas

Our experience from more than 35 years as a screed layer allows us to offer you an attractive and high-quality floor coating at an open and fair price. We attach great importance to your satisfaction with our work. The large number of positive feedback and recommendations confirms that we are on the right track with our customer proximity.

To make it easy for you to decide on a floor coating at a fixed price, we have graded our offer according to the number of square meters. in doing so

25 square meters about a room,
50 square meters of a garage or utility room,
100 square meters fill a 4-room condominium,

Choose the size you need or let us create a custom quote for you.

What makes a floor coating from the screed layer?

Our expertise, experience and access to quality materials ensure you have a floor that you will enjoy for many years to come. In addition to quality and customer friendliness, innovation is one of our core values. We constantly examine, test and try out new materials and techniques in order to offer you the highest quality at absolutely fair floor coating costs.

An attractive floor coating that we can lay for you at a fixed price is hard-wearing and easy to care for. She calmly survives the joyful jumps of your pets, wild rocking animal marathons of your children and passionate tap dancing exercises for your hobby. With the floor coating, you get a long-lasting floor that will give your next generation a lot of pleasure.

[ floor coating price ]

Floor coating prices and costs

Floor covering up to 25 m²

110 €

per m²

  • Arrival and departure to your construction project
  • Preparation of the subsoil
  • Fresh mixing of the materials
  • Laying the floor coating
  • Delivery of your finished floor
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Floor covering up to 100 m²

90 €

per m²

  • Arrival and departure to your construction project
  • Preparation of the subsoil
  • Fresh mixing of the materials
  • Laying the floor coating
  • Delivery of your finished floor
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"Best material quality."


"In the right place at the right time"


"Wide range of services."

These services are included in our floor coating price

All work carried out by us is covered with the floor coating at a fixed price, from the arrival to the handover of your finished floor. Our screed team brings all the high-quality materials and mixes them fresh on your construction site. We also bring the work equipment and tools with us and dispose of the packaging waste. Specifically, we carry out the following services for you:

Arrival and departure to your construction site
Providing the tools and machines
Preparation of the subsoil
Fresh mixing of the materials
Professional laying of the floor coating
Delivery of your finished floor

Sit back and relax, we'll take care of everything.

The experienced screed company at your side

Builders, families and entrepreneurs have been entrusting us with their flooring for more than three decades. During this time we have built up a wealth of experience. This experience allows us to offer you the high-quality floor coating at costs that are calculated fairly, openly and transparently. Our screed layers are excellently trained and highly motivated. Let us make your dream home come true and tell us your wishes today, then you will soon be running, dancing and working on your new floor covering.

[ FAQs ]

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all services included in the floor coating price?

Yes. From the arrival to the clean handover by our screed company, all the services mentioned are included in the fixed-and-ready price. This gives you planning security for your entire project.

Is a floor coating also worthwhile in the private sector?

Yes, in any case. With subtle or bright colours, interesting patterns, high abrasion resistance and easy cleaning, floor coatings are a cost-effective, visually attractive and easy-care alternative to many other floor coverings.

Can a floor coating also be used outdoors?

Yes, the floor coating applied by our screed layers can be used as a cost-effective and aesthetic alternative to terrace coverings. The moisture-resistant coating is also ideal for driveways, paths and other outdoor areas.

What properties does the floor coating have?

We can offer you a coating in many colors at a low cost that is extremely hard-wearing, liquid-tight and easy to clean. Thanks to the seamless installation, many rooms appear larger and open.

Can I hire you to paint a single room?

Yes, as experienced screed layers, all projects are important to us, both large and small. Our floor coating price is intentionally staggered in such a way that as many room sizes as possible are covered. We would also be happy to make you an individual fixed-price offer.

Can I get a personal offer?

Of course, gladly. Simply write us your wishes and requirements in the contact form or speak to our friendly customer support. You will then receive your personal floor coating price offer for your individual framework conditions.

When can I step on the floor coating?

In favorable weather conditions, even large areas can be walked on after just 24 hours. A few days later your floor will be completely dry and fully loadable. This means that the costs for any interruptions in your construction work with a floor coating remain low, even if you only have it laid later.

When can you start work?
When you place your order, simply tell us your desired date. Typically, we will be with you five to seven days after your call to apply your floor coating at a fixed price.