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Flexible and efficient - underfloor heating with a tacker system

Would you like a modern, energy-saving and environmentally friendly underfloor heating system, but live in an apartment with round walls or decorative pillars? No problem for the Tacker system. We adapt your underfloor heating to any room geometry with the Tacker system. Sound and heat insulation is integrated into the tacker panels and we also lay the heated screed for you.

Ready for the future with underfloor heating and tacker system

An FBH with tacker system is the ideal combination for quick and flexible installation of your panel heating. Thanks to low flow temperatures, you save significantly on your monthly heating costs and even more if you take advantage of a highly efficient heat pump.

In addition, operation with a low flow temperature allows you to use more flexible heating hoses for your FBH with tacker system. We adapt these precisely to the geometry of your room so that you can make optimum use of every square meter of heating surface. The stapler system is so flexible because the heating hoses can be freely attached to the stapler plates with stapler needles and the stapler plates already have integrated heat and sound insulation.

Further advantages of the FBH with stapler system

The FBH Tacker system significantly reduces and simplifies the installation work involved in installing your underfloor heating. This saves you time during the construction work, allows you to use your rooms earlier and increases the safety of your construction planning. Above all, however, it makes the tacker system an economically viable installation system that saves you money right from the start.

In addition to the flexible pipe laying and the integrated heat and sound insulation in the tacker plates, the FBH tacker system has another function. Special clips with a pipe lifting function ensure that the heating pipes are kept at a small distance above the insulation layer. Later, the heating screed completely encloses the pipes, allowing the floor structure of the underfloor heating to heat up up to 15 percent faster thanks to the tacker system.

How the tacker system works for your underfloor heating

The tacker system combines four important functions for your underfloor heating:

  • Effective footfall sound and heat insulation
  • Secure fastening of the heating pipes
  • Marking aids for quick heating installation
  • Waterproofing for the heating screed and against moisture

Markings on the top serve as a guide for the course of the heating pipes. You can do without a folding rule and tape measure when laying the FBH using the stapler system.

The staple plates consist of a bottom layer of walkable insulating material and a tear-resistant top layer. The latter usually consists of a waterproof composite foil in which the tacker needles find a secure hold. The lower insulation layer is firmly bonded to the top layer and therefore provides very good thermal and sound insulation, which in many cases works even better than insulation laid separately.

Properties and information on the tacker system

You can recognize the efficiency of your underfloor heating with the Tacker system by the thermal conductivity group (WLG). It is an indicator of the permeability of the insulating material for the heat flow and is therefore directly responsible for your annual heating cost savings. A lower WLG number provides more effective protection against heat loss. We offer WLG 045 and WLG 040 tacker boards for your FBH tacker system.

The minimum coverage of the underfloor heating with screed also has an effect on the design of your rooms. For cement screed, this is 45 mm. On request, however, it is possible to reduce the minimum overlap to 30 mm using suitable methods. The performance of the underfloor heating and the tacker system is fully retained. The tacker system is therefore equally suitable for old buildings, new buildings, industrial buildings, passive houses and commercial heating and cooling systems.

Experts are familiar with DIN and European standards

Installing underfloor heating with a tacker system requires far more than just skilled craftsmanship. A large number of German and European standards regulate every aspect of underfloor heating to ensure quality and benefits. If you do without competent specialists, you will quickly get into trouble.

We have compiled the most important standards for you below.

Surface heating:
EN 1264 (old DIN 4725) - Surface heating and cooling systems

Thermal insulation, fire protection and sound insulation:
EN 13501 (old DIN 4102) - Classification of building products and types of construction according to their fire behavior
DIN 4108 - Thermal insulation and energy saving in buildings (soon to be replaced by DIN V 18599 Energy performance of buildings)
DIN 4109 - Sound insulation in buildings

Building materials and materials:
DIN 18164 - Insulation materials for thermal insulation
DIN 18560 - Screeds in construction

Other standards:
EnEV Energy Saving Ordinance
DIN 1055 Live loads

We will be happy to advise you on your underfloor heating with tacker system to find the optimum solution for your living situation. We have more than 30 years of experience in this business and are proud of our many satisfied customers.

Our work - fast, competent and clean

Are you looking for modern underfloor heating with a tacker system and want to know what to expect on the day of installation? You can prepare yourself for the following procedure.

We arrive on time at the agreed date, with the tools required to install the FBH with stapler system and all the necessary materials. Now you can sit back and relax while we get to work. We

  1. detect any unevenness in the unfinished floor
  2. Apply edge insulation strips
  3. assemble the high-quality tacker plates
  4. lay the aluminum composite heating pipes
  5. connect everything to your heating system
  6. check the system for leaks
  7. apply the heating screed professionally
  8. Smooth the screed surface mechanically

Of course, our employees will take all the packaging materials back with them at the end and leave you with a clean area.

Full cost control with our fixed price offer

In more than 30 years, we have built up the experience and know-how that we offer you as competent, qualified and high-quality work when installing your underfloor heating with a tacker system. The many positive responses from our customers confirm time and again that we are on the right track with our focus on quality.

However, our experience also has a direct financial benefit for you. Thanks to our long-standing business relationships and knowledge of local markets, we obtain favorable purchase prices that we pass on to you. We therefore offer you the FBH with stapler system as a fair and favorable fixed price offer. This means you always have your costs under control and always know exactly what to expect. Choose modern underfloor heating with a tacker system today and call us now to arrange your preferred date.