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[ screed garage costs ] Cement screed for the garage - keep an overview of the costs!
[ garage screed costs ]

Screed in the garage - overview of costs

Robust garage screed as a good basis for resilient surfaces

A stable base is an absolute must for a garage. Several tons of weight drive in and out several times a day and put every surface to the ultimate endurance test. So that you can enjoy your garage for as long as possible, we offer you tailor-made offers for laying the screed. What exactly constitutes screed for the garage and what costs garage screed is associated with is explained below.

Advantages of screed for the garage

Slabs can break, fine stoneware becomes uneven and grit and gravel can damage the appearance of your vehicle over time. A safe, resilient and, above all, inexpensive alternative is screed for the garage. The cement screed is not only particularly resilient, but also serves to protect against noise and is inexpensive. Once properly laid and well dried, you will benefit from the robust floor coating for decades.

Cement screed for the garage: cost

Separating layer screed is the simplest and cheapest variant of garage screed. This requires only 4-5 weeks drying time and can be laid within a few hours. The drying time can be shortened with special binders at an additional cost. ( 7-10 days )

[ garage screed costs ]

Screed for the garage costs

Garage screed up to 50 sqm

2500 €

to 50 m²

  • Screed Laying - 45mm to 80mm
    • PE film as a separating layer
      • Edge insulation strips - PE foam
        • hard grain scattering
          • smooth the screed
            • Dummy joints (if necessary)
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Garage screed up to 100 sqm

3000 €

to 100 m²

  • Screed Laying - 45mm to 80mm
    • PE film as a separating layer
      • Edge insulation strips - PE foam
        • hard grain scattering
          • smooth the screed
            • Dummy joints (if necessary)
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info: The screed is laid as a slope. This means that the screed is thinner in the entrance area (at least 45 mm) and increases in thickness to up to 80 mm towards the back. This allows the water to drain away if necessary, the covering lasts longer and the atmosphere in the garage remains constant.

Screed in the garage ensures a safe subsoil

No flying split, no slipping or breaking and yet the screed garages keep costs within limits. Cement screed can be used to level out small and large unevenness without any problems. It is also moisture-resistant and therefore also suitable for outdoor use. Even under particularly difficult conditions, on uneven ground or with internal pipes, laying screed in the garage is possible without any problems.

Extensive service package when laying garage screed

"We lay screed" - That's not just our company name, but our job and our calling. We have been working with private and commercial customers for over 35 years and have gained experience in absolutely all areas. With "We lay screed" you have an absolute professional at your side. Thanks to our experience, we can not only guarantee the best results, but also calculate very accurate prices.

Everything is included in our fixed prices:

  • from personal advice on site,
  • about setting up the construction site and procurement of materials
  • up to the actual laying of garage screed.

The garage screed costs we calculate are always within the scope of our offer - with us you will experience the best results and fixed prices.

Trust the professionals when it comes to screed for the garage

Even after decades of existence, we continue to educate ourselves regularly, try out new materials and work with the latest technology. We receive regular feedback and refine our offer every day - after all, we only want to offer you the best!

Do you have questions about garage screed costs per square meter or would you like a non-binding offer? Contact us by phone or email and benefit from a free consultation.

[ FAQs ]

Frequently Asked Questions

Which screed is suitable for the garage?

Separating layer screed and bonded screed are suitable for the garage, with the former being the best choice. Separating layer screed is moisture-resistant, suitable for outdoor areas and inexpensive to purchase and lay.

How thick does the garage screed have to be?

The usual garage screed has a thickness of at least 45 mm to 80 mm and is laid sloping towards the entrance area to create a slope. This allows excess water to drain away when needed, extending the longevity of your cement screed.

What if 45mm – 80mm cannot be installed in my garage?

If there is not enough space in your garage for a conventional cement screed, a special bonded screed can also be used. The required thickness here is only 25 mm. As a result, this screed can be used for garages with particularly low ceilings.

Does garage screed need insulation?

Yes, cement screed in the garage should be insulated to create a frost-free environment. Mineral materials in particular, but also Styrofoam or similar are used for the insulation.

How long does it take for the garage floor to dry?

The drying time for garage screed is usually several weeks, which should definitely be taken into account when planning the construction. If necessary, the drying time can be reduced by adding special agents.

Why do you need a slope for the garage screed?

The garage floor should always have a slope to the front so that excess water can drain off. This extends the durability of your garage floor and you prevent mold.

Do I get an individual offer for the garage screed costs?

Of course, you will receive an individual, non-binding and free offer for your construction project. Talk to us today and benefit from the many years of expertise of real professionals.

How high are the garage screed costs?

The garage screed costs per square meter are around 20 euros. Depending on the scope of the project, costs may increase or decrease. In general, the larger the area, the lower the price per square meter.

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