[ Industrial screed cost ] Industrial screed prices and costs per M² - quality instead of quantity
[ Industrial screed cost ]

Industrial screed costs at a glance

Loadable floor at a fair industrial screed price

Virtually indestructible, highly resilient and economical – industrial screed is in great demand because of its outstanding properties, in industry, commerce and increasingly also in the private sector. Its good resistance to moisture and temperature fluctuations, as well as high point load capacity characterize the value of industrial screed. At the same time, the costs for you are clear, open and transparent with our offer.

Industrial screed for the large and small projects

Whether you want to equip a multi-level parking garage or renew the floor in your hobby workshop – with our fair fixed-price offer you are always right. More than 35 years of experience allow us to offer you a high-quality industrial screed at a cost that is fair, manageable and easy for you to calculate. It is important to us that you feel well informed and satisfied with us as screed layers at all times.

For this reason, we offer our fair industrial screed price in clearly graduated packages. This way, you only ever pay as much as you really need and can calculate your construction project precisely from day one. Just choose the package that best suits your needs.

Good reasons for industrial screed

Conventional screed is used primarily as a filler and leveling material that creates a secure bond between the floor covering and the supporting substrate. Industrial screed, on the contrary, is a utility screed, on the surface of which you do not need another floor covering. At the same time, the surface is abrasion-resistant, easy to clean, resistant to moisture and withstands strong temperature fluctuations. This makes the industrial screed the ideal floor covering for warehouses, commercial and production areas that experience heavy loads on a daily basis.

The versatile substrate also scores points for its durability, which is why you will be able to enjoy your screed for many years. Through all these advantages, the industrial screed will save you money, which you can then invest in other areas.

[ Industrial screed price ]

Industrial screed prices and costs

Industrial screed 1 M²

30 €

per m²

  • Arrival and departure to your construction project
  • PE foil as separating layer
  • Edge insulation strip - PE foam
  • Industrial screed (45 to 65 millimeters)
  • Insertion of dummy joints
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Industrial screed 1 M²

55 €

per m²

  • Arrival and departure to your construction project
  • PE foil as separating layer
  • Edge insulation strip - PE foam
  • Industrial screed (65 to 80 millimeters)
  • Insertion of dummy joints
  • pore-free wing smoothing
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"Best material quality."


"In the right place at the right time"


"Wide range of services."

This is included in our industrial screed price

Our expert screed layers arrive at your construction site motivated and on time at the agreed time. They bring the high-quality materials and all the necessary construction machinery and tools right along with them and complete the work quickly and cleanly. In detail, our industrial screed price includes the following services:

Arrival and departure to your construction project
Laying the separating layer (polyethylene film)
Application of edge insulation stiffeners made of polyethylene foam
Design and insertion of dummy joints
Laying of cement-bound industrial screed (45 to 80 millimeters) (observe additional thickness!)
Final pore-free wing smoothing (optional)

Your competent partner for industrial screed

For more than 35 years, entrepreneurs, tradesmen and parking lot operators have entrusted us with the creation of heavily used floor surfaces. With us, you can be sure that your production and storage areas are standing on a high-quality industrial screed that will ensure your daily operations are low-wear and durable.

Our competent screed layers work with motivation, reliability and are on time at the agreed date on your construction site. All industrial screed costs are fairly calculated, transparent and based on the experience of our many years of work. Make the appointment today, when we will lay the industrial screed on which you will run your successful business for the next few years.

[ FAQ`s ]

Questions and answers

What kind of screed I get?

Our screed layers lay high-quality and wear-resistant cement screed for you. The selected industrial screed is extremely stable, withstands even severe temperature fluctuations and is insensitive to moisture and humidity.

How to lay the industrial screed?

The ready-made industrial screed price includes the laying of cement screed on a separating layer and all associated work. If your project requires it, we can also lay your screed in a solid bond with the subfloor for a small additional cost. Our competent customer service will be happy to advise you.

What is included in the above industrial screed cost?

Our fair industrial screed price includes the high-quality materials, our journey and all work involved in professional laying on a separating layer. We hand over your industrial screed smooth as a whistle.

Is it possible to install panel heating?

We will gladly install an economical panel heating system together with your industrial screed. The benefits of underfloor heating often pay for themselves after just a few years.

Does the fair industrial screed price also apply to small areas?

Of course. We will be happy to lay our high-quality industrial screed at the specified price even in small adjoining rooms, in your workshop or as an access road for your garage. Our screed layers will assist you in any construction project, large or small.

Is the installation of industrial screed also worthwhile in the private sector?

Industrial screed is very low-wear, durable and insensitive to moisture, temperature fluctuations as well as high point loads. For basement, warehouse and workshop areas, it may be worth your while. Our friendly service team will be happy to advise you on any questions you may have.

Can I get an individual quote?

We will be happy to make you a personal and fair offer. Please let us know your wishes and requirements, and we will calculate your individual industrial screed costs that will make your project a success.

When can I walk on my freshly laid industrial screed?

Already after a few days you can walk on the industrial screed laid by us and start some subsequent trades. However, please wait for the full drying time before fully loading the floor. For cement screed, this is about three to 6 weeks.

When can you lay my industrial screed?

Usually, we will be at your site within 5 to 7 days. It is best to arrange your desired appointment right now.