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Site screed / conventional screed

We will of course advise you comprehensively on the right choice and weigh the advantages and disadvantages together with you. Since we mix the screed for you directly at the construction site, we can guarantee the highest quality. The most common types of screed used are:

Cement screed

The numerous positive properties speak in its favour, even though it takes a long time to dry in comparison: Cement screed consists of sand or gravel, cement, water and, if necessary, additional substances, catalysts and binders. The term concrete screed, which is also used, is confusing because additives are added to the screed to make it comparatively soft and self-levelling – it is not for nothing that we also speak of flowing screed.

Cement screed is suitable for both indoors and outdoors – so you can use it in all living rooms, as well as bathrooms, kitchens, basements and outdoor areas, as long as there is enough time for it to dry out. However, the drying phase can be significantly shortened with some additives - just ask us about it.

Calcium sulphate screed – Anhydrite screed

An alternative is anhydrite screed, ie calcium sulphate screed, which consists of an anhydrite binder, sand or gravel with a maximum grain size of 8 mm and water. In the hardened screed, the calcium sulphate has a completely hydrated crystal structure, which is why this screed is also known as a gypsum screed. Some additives facilitate the processing. Particularly noteworthy is the short drying process.

With these properties, calcium sulphate screed is particularly recommended for floors in which underfloor heating is integrated. However, this type of screed is less suitable for damp rooms and not at all for use outdoors, such as on balconies or in garages.

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