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[ Remove & Dispose ]

Remove and dispose of screed

You will be pleased with the price at which we remove and dispose of your old or damaged screed. This gives you all options for your conversion, renovation or installation of economical underfloor heating. More than 30 years of experience allow us to offer you screed removal and disposal at an open and fair price.

We professionally remove screed, insulation and flooring

A new floor is the first and therefore an important step in a renovation or new construction. It is often worth removing and disposing of the existing screed beforehand in order to improve the resilience and lifespan of your new floor. You are also on the safe side ecologically when our screed layer removes your screed and disposes of it professionally.

Our costs are clearly graded according to square meters and include all the services described. We are also happy to remove the underlying insulation and the top covering applied to the screed. Simply select the right package.

Remove and dispose of screed

In most cases, the standard package is the right choice for you if there is neither a top covering nor insulation. We calculate the price per square meter for removing and disposing of your screed at a reasonable EUR 40 per m².

Remove and dispose of screed + insulation

With the insulation package, in addition to removing the screed, we also take care of any existing insulation. We remove these professionally from the substrate and dispose of them in an environmentally friendly manner. We charge EUR 50 per m² for the combined removal of screed and insulation.

Remove and dispose of the top covering, screed + insulation

Depending on the material and processing, removing a top covering is often tricky. But we are also happy to help you with the top covering package. Together with the removal of screed and insulation, we free you from the existing top covering for a fair EUR 60 per m².

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[Remove screed & dispose of costs]

Remove and dispose of screed prices and costs

per m²

40 €

per m²

  • Arrival and Departure
  • Wear down screed
  • Protect foundation
  • Remove construction dust
  • Dispose of screed fragments
  • Hand over clean foundation
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per m²


per m²

  • Arrival and Departure
  • Remove and dispose of screed
  • Remove and dispose of insulation
  • Remove and dispose of tiles
  • Protect foundation
  • Remove construction dust and tile residues
  • Dispose of screed fragments, insulation material and tiles
  • Hand over clean foundation
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[ What's included? ]

All-round service from a single source

From a simple asphalt screed to a cement screed with or without reinforcement - our screed layers take care of the screed removal and disposal competently, professionally and from a single source. All services of the all-round service package are already included in the costs. The employees of our screed company bring powerful hammer drills and a lot of experience. So you can confidently lean back for the demolition work while we gently remove your screed and preserve the foundation. The following services are included in our fixed price offer:

  • Arrival and departure to your construction site
  • Wearing down the existing screed
  • Protection of the supporting foundation
  • Vacuuming up the accumulated construction dust
  • Collect and dispose of the screed fragments
  • Handover of the swept foundation

Possible additional costs:

  1. Special removal procedures: Sometimes the nature of the screed or the floor underneath requires special removal procedures that may be more costly.

  2. Difficult construction site conditions: Unforeseen challenges, such as the presence of asbestos or other hazardous materials, may require additional safety measures and therefore additional costs.

  3. Necessary repairs: After screed removal, repairs to the subsurface may sometimes be necessary that were not included in the original offer.

  4. Urgent orders: If a project needs to be completed in an accelerated time frame or outside of regular working hours, additional fees may apply.

It is important to us to offer transparency in our pricing. When creating an offer, we disclose all costs incurred and explain them in detail. This means our customers can be sure that they are getting maximum value for their investment.

You can count on our experience

With our friendly and comprehensive customer service as well as high quality and reliability, we have been responding to the wishes of our customers for more than 30 years. The positive feedback gives us the motivation to always offer you our service at a fair price that is worthwhile for you.

Our screed layers are well acquainted with all common types of screed and handle the equipment and materials used with care during their work. You can rely on us to do everything we can to remove your old screed, insulation and any top coverings without damaging the supporting foundation. So you can immediately start with the next work steps in your construction project.

The right partner for your screed disposal

We make it easy for you to cheaply remove and dispose of your old screed. With each price package you choose professional competence and our first-class service at a clear and fair fixed price. Book the right package right now, and in just a few days your floor will be free of the old screed and ready for your new project.

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[ Renew screed cost-effectively ]

Screed costs

After your old screed has been professionally removed, we offer you the opportunity to seamlessly purchase a new, high-quality screed from us. Detailed pricing information can be found on the following page. Benefit from our expertise.

Price clarity

Simple and transparent: Our costs for laying cement screed.

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Underfloor heating costs

Experience the comfort of modern underfloor heating, where feel-good warmth meets energy efficiency and cost-effective solutions. Detailed pricing information can be found on the next page.

Transparent costs

Without hiding: the clear costs of our underfloor heating installation

[ FAQs ]

Do you have anymore questions?

What services are included in screed removal and disposal?

The costs mentioned include all the services required for removing and disposing of the screed, from the journey to the site, through careful prying, to the professional disposal of the construction waste produced.

Can I also book you to remove small screed areas?

Yes. All offers from our screed company are designed in such a way that you can contact us with small and large orders. Our screed removal price applies equally to individual rooms and large building complexes.

Is it necessary to remove the existing screed to install underfloor heating?

With modern methods, our screed company is often able to mill underfloor heating into an existing screed. Our friendly and competent support team will be happy to advise you on which solution is best for you.

Can you make me a personal offer for removing and disposing of my screed?

Yes, we would be happy to compile the costs for your individual requirements in an offer for you. Please let our support know your wishes.

Do you also dispose of screeds containing asbestos?

Yes, our screed layers have the expertise and qualifications to carefully remove harmful asbestos products. All hazardous materials are disposed of professionally by us. Please let us know your suspicions early on. Our friendly support will inform you immediately about the appropriate procedure and any additional costs.

Do I have to remove my screed after water damage?

Screed removal is often useful. In the event of water damage, damage and mold growth can occur not only in the screed, but also in the insulation underneath. Our friendly support team will be happy to advise you.

Will my insurance cover the costs for screed disposal after water damage?

If water damage is the reason you have to remove your screed, insurance companies will usually cover the costs incurred. The helpful support of our screed company will be happy to help you with the correct process.

When can I enter the area again after the screed has been removed?
As soon as our screed layers have removed the old screed, you can enter the area again. A new screed or heated screed can also be laid immediately.
How soon can you come to me to have the screed removed and disposed of?

Our screed layers will be with you punctually at the agreed time and date. Typically, we will be with you within five to seven days of you contacting us to remove your screed and dispose of it at a fixed price.

Screed disposal costs

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