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Screed costs - full cost control

Attention private customers: The days of confusing prices and hidden costs are over. As a private customer, you will receive your screed from us at a fixed price, including material and our work. One phone call is all it takes and we will start laying at your site within five days. You can find out everything that comes with your fixed-price offer here.

The right offer for every size

We welcome you with large and small building projects. So that you always get the best price, we have divided our offer into three levels.

  1. Lay screed (cement screed) up to 100 m² floor area
  2. Lay screed (cement screed) up to 150 m² floor area
  3. Lay screed (cement screed) up to 200 m² floor area
  4. Lay screed (cement screed) from 250 m² floor area

For your assessment and planning: 100 m² corresponds to an average four-room apartment, while with 200 m² of floor space you can equip a large single-family house including terrace and garage with screed.

[Screed costs per square meter]

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[Screed laying costs]

Laying screed costs - fixed price

up to 100 sqm


up to 100 m2

  • Construction site equipment
  • Meter tear removal
  • Lay cement screed
  • CT –C 25 –F 4
  • Smooth the screed mechanically
  • dummy joints
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up to 200 sqm


up to 200 m2

  • Construction site equipment
  • Meter tear removal
  • Lay cement screed
  • CT –C 25 –F 4
  • Smooth the screed mechanically
  • dummy joints
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[laying screed costs]

What our screed fixed price offer includes

We would like to relieve you in the often stressful time of a house construction, a renovation or a renovation and to convince you of the quality of our work in the long term. With our screed fixed price offer, you only save on the price, while you continue to benefit from the high quality of our work and all associated services. The fixed screed price includes the following work and materials:

Start of work within 5 days
Laying screed with a thickness of 65 mm
Production of dummy joints against concrete stresses

The services mentioned are included in all fixed price offers, regardless of which size you choose.

After laying the screed

A good screed needs time to dry, in which it develops its maximum resilience. As a rule, the specialist calculates one week per centimeter of screed thickness. However, the dry season also depends on the climatic conditions.

Warm weather and low humidity favor the drying process. However, drying out too quickly, for example due to airing too early, can lead to shrinkage cracks and edge breakdowns (differences in height in the screed). Please plan an additional heating-up phase for a heating screed for your underfloor heating.

In very urgent cases, we can also add chemical accelerators to the screed after consultation. Depending on the agent used, we shorten your drying time to 3 - 5, 7 - 10 or 10 - 14 days. Either way, you can look forward to your new, even and stable screed once the waiting time is over.

We lay the solid foundation for your dream home

With more than 35 years of experience, we can lay your screed floor quickly, cleanly and reliably. With us you can rely on the quality. Choose your suitable fixed price offer right now and look forward to standing on your new screed soon.

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[ FAQs ]

Do you have anymore questions?

How soon can you come over?

Within 5 days we are on site and lay your screed.

Which screed do I get?

We use hard-wearing cement screed for your screed at a fixed price. This screed all-rounder is equally suitable for living rooms, basements and terraces.

How long does my screed take to dry?

The typical drying time for your screed is 5 to 7 weeks. If your project requires it, we can speed up the drying time by adding appropriate additives.

Do accelerators work with every screed?

Generally yes, but there may be restrictions with heated screeds and load-bearing screeds, as additives result in increased entry of air pores. Depending on the accelerator, your screed will be ready in 7-10 or 10-14 days.

Is an individual offer possible?

Of course, we would be happy to make you an individual offer. Please contact us via our contact form, we look forward to your project.

When can I enter the screed?

You can usually walk on the screed after just a few days. Before covering your floor, however, you should wait for the drying time until the residual moisture has had the opportunity to escape via vapor diffusion.

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