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Experienced and reliable screed work in Erding

Erding is a town in Upper Bavaria, about 35 kilometers northeast of Munich. With almost 37.000 inhabitants, Erding is one of the medium-sized cities in the region. The city is known for its thermal baths, which are among the largest in Europe, and for the annual Erdinger Herbstfest, a kind of small Oktoberfest.

There are also a large number of craft businesses in Erding, including a screed laying company. This is responsible for the construction of the screed and ensures that an even and stable surface is created. Screed is applied to the raw floor, and after hardening it forms a stable basis for further expansion. A screed company and screed layers in Erding offer professional services and individual solutions for various requirements.

An important part of building

Screed is an important part of construction and gives a room stability, thermal and acoustic insulation. It is therefore crucial that the screed construction is carefully planned and executed. A professional company can help you make the right choice of materials and methods to achieve a successful result.

Screed work should always be carried out by professionals to avoid possible risks such as cracking or moisture damage. Our experienced experts in Fürth ensure that the screed construction meets your requirements and fits perfectly into your building project. Whether new construction or conversion, we offer you individual advice and solutions for every type of construction, from cement screed to quick screed. We are also happy to assist you with the selection of the right insulation material.

Utmost care and precision for perfect work

In order to ensure robust and long-lasting results, we offer our customers close cooperation to meet all requirements and wishes. Detailed planning and transparent communication are a matter of course for us. Our service company has a wide range of expertise in the field of screed laying. 

We can carry out services for various premises, such as residential buildings, commercial buildings or even public facilities. We rely on individual and needs-based planning in order to achieve an optimal result. Our team of experienced screed layers proceed with the utmost care and precision to ensure perfect results. We will be happy to advise you on the material and laying methods and will be at your side throughout the project.

We offer a wide range of services, including:

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Sealing, underfloor heating and screed work in Erding

In addition to the screed work in Aichach, we are also available for the following services:

  • industrial screed
  • fast dash
  • screed
  • Floor coating
  • Thin-layer screed
  • Screed milling (FBH)
  • microcement
  • Remove and dispose of demolition work / screed
  • seals
  • underfloor heating
  • Mill underfloor heating
  • Laying tiles
  • insulation fills
  • Concrete paving & concrete smoothing

"Best material quality."


"In the right place at the right time"


"Wide range of services."

A special concern - excellent customer service in Erding

As a screed company in Fürth, it is particularly important to us to offer our customers a satisfactory experience. We would like to inspire you with our service and help you to make your screed floor a highlight of your construction project. Contact us today. Our goal as a professional screed company is to offer our customers in Fürth comprehensive support and a high quality of our services. We work closely with our customers to understand their individual needs and requirements and to develop a customized solution. We rely on transparent communication and clear agreement in order to achieve a successful result. We pride ourselves on offering our customers a wide range of methods and solutions to help them find the perfect floor covering for their needs. 

Contact us today to clarify your questions and discuss your needs and to learn more about our screed services and how we can help you with your project.

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