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A charming town in Bavaria, Freising is known not only for its beautiful landscape and historic buildings, but also for its high standards of construction. In order to meet these demands, it is important to find an experienced and reliable screed company. As one of the leading screed companies in Freising, we offer a wide range of services, ranging from synthetic resin screed to underfloor heating.

We stand for high-quality concrete work

Screed work is an important part of any project, whether it is a renovation or a new build. There are a large number of screed layers in Freising, but not all are equally qualified and experienced. It is important to choose an experienced screed company to ensure your screed floor is strong, durable and up to par.

As a screed company in Freising, we are characterized by our many years of experience, brilliant work and fantastic customer service. Our team consists of experienced and qualified screed layers who ensure that every job is carried out with the utmost care and precision. We only use high quality materials to ensure your screed floor is durable and strong.

We work closely with our customers to ensure your needs and desires are met, ensuring you have a satisfying experience. Trust in our many years of experience as a screed layer in Freising for high-quality concrete work and the best customer service.

25 years of experience in screed and concrete construction.

The old Romans first left lasting traces here, with a fort made of wood and earth and the expansion to a stone fort. A Benedictine monastery followed later and finally it was converted into an artillery fortress in Wülzburg. These buildings have survived the times - something that we, as a Weißenburg screed company, also strive for for our floors. The well-preserved historic old town of Weißenburg in Bavaria is also a testament to the quality of the building trade, which we in Middle Franconia have always considered a valuable asset.

Especially when it comes to our own home, we Franconians want to stand on safe ground. As a screed layer in Weißenburg in Bavaria, we help you to build the house of your dreams with screed work, tiling and modern sound and heat insulation.

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Sealing, underfloor heating and screed work in Freising

In addition to the screed work in Freising, we are also available for the following services:

  • industrial screed
  • fast dash
  • screed
  • Floor coating
  • Thin-layer screed
  • Screed milling (FBH)
  • Remove and dispose of demolition work / screed
  • seals
  • underfloor heating
  • Mill underfloor heating
  • Laying tiles
  • insulation fills

"Best material quality."


"In the right place at the right time"


"Wide range of services."

Our strengths in screed construction

If you are looking for an experienced and reliable screed layer in Freising, then we are the right choice for you. With 25 years of experience in the industry and highly skilled employees handling each project safely and efficiently, you can be assured that we will provide you with the best result.

Our range is diverse and includes everything you need for your dream floor, from synthetic resin screeds to thermal insulation and tiling. And you can be sure that we will deliver everything reliably and on time. We know how important it is that everything runs smoothly, that's why we keep in close contact with our customers to ensure that you are always informed about the status of your project. And despite our high quality, we offer competitive prices.

We value our reputation and the satisfaction of our customers. That's why we work hard to make every project perfect and make sure you're more than happy with the result. Let us realize your next screed project together. Contact us today and let us show you why we are one of the best screed companies in Freising.

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