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Amberg is a town in the Upper Palatinate with around 42.000 inhabitants. The city is known for its rich history and well-preserved old town with numerous historic buildings. In recent years, however, Amberg has also established itself as an important location for modern projects, which have created great demand for a professional screed laying company.

The right screed layer is an indispensable part of any construction project, as it guarantees an even and stable surface on which floors will later be laid. Whether for new buildings, conversions or renovations - the screed must always be carried out professionally by a screed company in order to create a permanently stable basis.

With our service to a stable floor

Screed is an important part of construction and is mainly used for making floors. The mixture of cement, sand, gravel and water is applied to the building's supporting structure to create an even and load-bearing surface. There are different types of screed, each with different properties and areas of application.

In addition to the classic cement screed, there is also calcium sulphate screed, which is particularly suitable for use in public buildings or industrial halls due to its quick drying time and high load capacity. Anhydrite screed is another variant that is popular for use in underfloor heating due to its high thermal conductivity. Floating screed, which levels itself, is also a variant that is being used more and more frequently. Screed work requires specialist knowledge and experience in order to achieve a high-quality result. That is why builders and clients should rely on the expertise of an experienced screed laying company.

One variant, for example, is the heated screed, which is particularly suitable for laying underfloor heating. A pipe system is embedded in the screed layer to ensure even heat distribution in the room. Dry screed is also a popular choice as it can be laid quickly and without using water. This makes it particularly suitable for renovations or refurbishments where a short drying time is required. 

The execution – what matters

The planning and execution of screed work is a crucial factor for the stability and durability of the floor. Our screed company in Amberg offers professional screed laying services and ensures a successful result through careful planning and execution. We advise our customers on the selection of the right material and the right methods, paying attention to high quality and sustainability. 

As a screed company, we specialize in laying different types of screed and are happy to advise our customers on the selection of the right material. We attach great importance to careful planning and execution in order to achieve a perfect result. If required, we also offer additional services such as insulation or sealing in order to tailor the floor perfectly to the needs of our customers.

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Sealing, underfloor heating and screed work in Amberg

In addition to the screed work in Amberg, we are also available for the following services:

  • industrial screed
  • fast dash
  • screed
  • Floor coating
  • Thin-layer screed
  • Screed milling (FBH)
  • microcement
  • Remove and dispose of demolition work / screed
  • seals
  • underfloor heating
  • Mill underfloor heating
  • Laying tiles
  • insulation fills
  • Concrete paving & concrete smoothing

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In Amberg we rely on the latest technology

Our qualified team of experienced screed layers carries out the screed laying with the utmost precision and care. We rely on modern technologies and high-quality materials to achieve an even and even surface with high load-bearing capacity and resistance to moisture. As a reliable partner, we have already successfully completed numerous projects in Amberg and the surrounding area and look forward to supporting your construction project as well. 

In Amberg we are the ideal partner for screed construction and laying. We offer our customers a wide range of services in the field of screed work and ensure the highest quality and customer satisfaction. Contact us today to find out more about our screed services and to receive a non-binding offer.

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