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Underfloor heating dry system costs

Underfloor heating without screed

The decision to install underfloor heating is a significant step towards modern living comfort and energy efficiency. The dry system for underfloor heating in particular has established itself as a popular choice for builders and renovators. This system not only offers improved heat output and lower operating costs, but also simplified and quick installation. Whether you are planning a new build or renovating an existing property, the dry system offers a flexible and efficient solution for room heating without screed.

A key aspect when deciding on underfloor heating is the costs involved. These vary depending on the size of the project, choice of materials and scope of installation. To provide you with a transparent and comprehensive overview, we have compiled a detailed list of costs for different scenarios and room sizes on our website. Our aim is to help you make an informed decision and find the best price-performance ratio for your project.

Dry system insight

The dry system for underfloor heating differs fundamentally from conventional methods. It is an innovative solution specifically designed for efficiency and quick installation. Some of the key features of the drying system are:

  • Low installation height: With an installation height from 30 mm, the system integrates seamlessly into a wide range of room conditions, ideal for renovations and new builds.
  • Lightweight: This makes the system particularly suitable for old buildings where the load-bearing capacity of the floors may be limited.
  • Fast installation: Compared to conventional systems embedded in screed, the dry system can be installed in less time, which reduces labor costs.
  • Efficient heat transfer: The use of special XPS panels improves heat insulation and distribution, resulting in faster heating of the room and more efficient use of energy.

These properties contribute significantly to the overall cost of the system. Due to the reduced material and labor requirements, installation costs can be significantly lower compared to traditional underfloor heating systems. In addition, the efficient heat transfer ensures lower operating costs in long-term use.

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Underfloor heating dry system costs & prices

up to 100 m²


up to 100 m²

  • Wall and floor breakthrough
    • Attaching and connecting the distributors
      • Installation of supply line
        • Pump group for underfloor heating
          • Connection to the heating system
            • Leveling & preparing the substrate
              • Drywall XPS panels for the FBH
              • Edge insulation strips made of PE foam
              • Installation of the aluminum composite pipes
              • Control for underfloor heating
              • Hydraulic balancing
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up to 200 m²


up to 200 m²

  • Wall and floor breakthrough
    • Attaching and connecting the distributors
      • Installation of supply line
        • Pump group for underfloor heating
          • Connection to the heating system
            • Leveling & preparing the substrate
              • Drywall XPS panels for the FBH
              • Edge insulation strips made of PE foam
              • Installation of the aluminum composite pipes
              • Control for underfloor heating
              • Hydraulic balancing
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[ Complete service for underfloor heating dry systems without screed ]

Your all-round carefree package for underfloor heating with dry system

Complete range of services and products for your underfloor heating system

Our offer for the underfloor heating dry system includes all the necessary steps and components to ensure an efficient and high-quality installation. Our price list covers all aspects required for a complete installation:

  1. Wall and floor breakthrough: Professional breakthrough work for seamless integration of the system into your premises.

  2. Attaching and connecting the manifolds: Careful installation and connection of the manifolds to your heating system.

  3. Installation of supply lines: Laying the necessary supply lines for an efficient heat supply.

  4. Pump group for underfloor heating: Provision and installation of a high-quality pump group to optimize heat distribution.

  5. Connection to the heating system: Professional integration of the underfloor heating into the existing heating system of your building.

  6. Level and prepare the substrate: Preparation and leveling of the substrate to create an optimal base for the installation.

  7. Dry construction XPS boards for the FBH: Installation of high-quality XPS boards that ensure efficient heat insulation and distribution.

  8. Edge insulation strips made of PE foam: Installation of edge insulation strips to minimize thermal bridges and improve energy efficiency.

  9. Installation of aluminum composite pipes: Professional installation of durable aluminum composite pipes for reliable heat transfer.

  10. Control system for underfloor heating: provision and installation of modern control technology for convenient and efficient temperature control.

  11. Hydraulic balancing: Carrying out hydraulic balancing to ensure that the system functions optimally and energy efficiency is guaranteed.

With this comprehensive service package, we ensure that you receive the best solution for your needs right from the start. For detailed pricing information and a personalized quote, please visit our website or contact us directly.

Additional cost factors for your underfloor heating dry system

While we pride ourselves on providing transparent and accurate pricing on our website, there are certain circumstances that may result in additional costs. It is important to understand that such situations are the exception and not the rule. Potential additional cost factors include:

  • Multi-storey buildings: For houses with several floors, the installation requirements and therefore the costs can increase.
  • Extensive substrate preparation: If the floor has to be leveled beyond the standard dimensions, this can cause additional work and costs.
  • Complex room layout: In buildings with many small rooms, installation can be more complex, which increases working time and therefore costs.
  • Special requests: Individual requirements or special installation conditions can also result in additional costs.

However, these factors are exceptions. In general, the prices listed on our website correspond to the actual costs of your underfloor heating in the dry system. We stand for transparent pricing with no hidden fees. For an accurate quote tailored to your specific needs, we recommend that you contact us directly.

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Classic underfloor heating

Opt for classic underfloor heating with screed if you value traditional quality and proven technology. With its robust and reliable design, this system offers a durable solution for your home. The total installation height of 85 mm guarantees solid and effective heat distribution. Find out about our clear and honest prices for this proven heating method.

Underfloor heating tacker system costs

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[ Cost-efficient retrofitting for your home ]

Underfloor heating without superstructure

Our underfloor heating milling service offers a quick and economical solution for retrofitting in your existing home. This method seamlessly integrates the heating into your existing screed without the need for major structural work. Save time and money while enjoying efficient heat in every room. Our transparent and fair prices make the decision easy.

Underfloor heating milling system costs

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Do you have any questions?

Can a dry system underfloor heating be installed in an old building?

Installation in old buildings is the most common type of use for a dry system underfloor heating. Thanks to its low weight and low installation height, the FBH is even suitable for installation on a wooden beam ceiling. You too can benefit from the health-promoting, cost-saving properties of dry system underfloor heating - just get in touch with us!

Which floor covering can be laid on a dry underfloor heating system?

All floor coverings are suitable for installation on an FBH. However, we recommend using floor coverings that support the heat flow as much as possible. We will be happy to recommend suitable floor coverings for your individual living situation and install them on request.

How long does it take to install a dry system underfloor heating?

Installation is usually completed within a few days, as there is no drying time for the screed. This means that the dry system underfloor heating is installed quickly and dirt-free, so you and your family have virtually no downtime to worry about.

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