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Underfloor heating costs

When it comes to well-being within your own four walls, not only quality and comfort but also the price-performance ratio plays a crucial role. Investing in underfloor heating is not only an investment in a pleasant room temperature, but also in long-term energy efficiency and therefore cost savings.

We understand that clarity about the costs involved is essential for your decision. That's why we attach great importance to transparent pricing structures. With us you get a fair fixed price with no hidden additional costs. Benefit from our decades of experience and secure high-quality underfloor heating that not only warms your home, but also protects your budget.

Floor heating with screed

While we emphasize the topic of transparent cost management, we would like to give you a deeper insight into one of our most popular underfloor heating options: the cement screed option.

Structure and its relevance: The classic structure of this variant consists of 85 mm:

  • 20 mm staple plate (Rolljet): A foundation on which the heating pipes are attached.
  • 65 mm cement screed: Ensures direct heat transfer into your living space.

Depending on individual needs, this basic structure can be modified. Every adjustment is thought out to ensure optimal comfort and we want you to understand how these adjustments impact your investment.

Flexibility in construction: The basic structure of our underfloor heating including screed can be adapted depending on the conditions and requirements of the floor structure. If you want better thermal insulation, additional insulation can be added. The thermal conductivity group value (WLG) of the insulation plays a crucial role in achieving the best possible efficiency. If the available floor structure is limited, there is also the option of reducing the screed thickness. This flexibility makes it possible to optimally adapt the floor to your individual needs and spatial conditions.

[Underfloor heating costs per square meter]

cost per square meter


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Installing underfloor heating costs

to 100 m²

9000 €

to 100 m²

  • Wall and floor breakthrough
    • Attach and connect the distributor
      • Installation of supply line
        • Pump group for underfloor heating
          • Connection to the heating system
            • Staple board with impact sound insulation
            • Edge insulation strips made of PE foam
            • Staple the aluminum composite pipes
            • Laying of heating screed
            • Insertion of dummy joints
            • Smooth the screed mechanically
            • heating surface calculation
            • Hydraulic balancing
            • Underfloor heating control
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to 200 m²


to 200 m²

  • Wall and floor breakthrough
    • Attach and connect the distributor
      • Installation of supply line
        • Pump group for underfloor heating
          • Connection to the heating system
            • Staple board with impact sound insulation
            • Edge insulation strips made of PE foam
            • Staple the aluminum composite pipes
            • Laying of heating screed
            • Insertion of dummy joints
            • Smooth the screed mechanically
            • heating surface calculation
            • Hydraulic balancing
            • Underfloor heating control
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[This is what you get with our underfloor heating at a ready price]

Underfloor heating at a ready price

  1. Wall and floor breakthrough: This is often the first step to ensure that the necessary wiring and pipes can be laid.

  2. Attach and connect the distributor: The distributor ensures that the warm water is distributed evenly into the various heating circuits.

  3. Installation of supply line: Ensures that water flows from the main source to the underfloor heating.

  4. Pump group for underfloor heating: This maintains the necessary pressure to move the water through the system.

  5. Connection to the heating system: A critical step to ensure efficient heat supply.

  6. Staple board with impact sound insulation: Is installed to minimize heat loss and increase sound insulation.

  7. Edge insulation strips made of PE foam: Helps to compensate for temperature changes and movements of the screed.

  8. Staple the aluminum composite pipes: The heating water flows through these pipes.

  9. Laying of heating screed: The screed distributes the heat evenly across the floor.

  10. Insertion of dummy joints: Are inserted to prevent cracks in the screed.

  11. Smooth the screed mechanically: This ensures a clean and even finish.

  12. heating surface calculation: Accurate calculation ensures efficient heating performance.

  13. Hydraulic balancing: Ensures that water flows evenly through all heating circuits.

  14. Underfloor heating control: With this control you can regulate the temperature according to your wishes. (Optional)

Additional costs for underfloor heating

Our standard basic package for underfloor heating offers you an all-round, worry-free package for a single floor. This includes a reliable and efficient installation that covers all essential aspects. However, as with any construction project, additional costs may arise due to individual requirements. We attach great importance to transparency and would therefore like to introduce you to some of these possible additional costs:

  1. Multi-story buildings: Our complete price is for one floor. Additional costs apply for buildings with multiple floors.

  2. Underfloor heating control: The exact costs for the control can vary depending on how many rooms and actuators need to be integrated into the system.

  3. Screed thickness: If the screed thickness deviates from the standard 65 mm and needs to be reduced to 50 mm, for example, special binders are necessary. This leads to additional costs.

  4. Dimpled plate systems: With this system the floor build-up can be further reduced. Here too, additional costs arise because the system is more complex to install.

We understand that every project is unique and not all variables are always known in advance. Therefore, we offer tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. We are always ready to walk you through the process and answer any questions to ensure you know exactly what you are paying for and what you are getting for your money.

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[Subsequent installation]

Underfloor heating - milling system

Is your concern about modernization without losing space? The underfloor heating milling system could be your solution. Instead of complex re-laying, milling offers a resource-saving and often more economical method. This system saves space and is also more cost-effective in many cases. Dive into the benefits of this technology and see for yourself how you can increase convenience while reducing costs.

Price clarity

Simple and transparent: Compare new installation with the subsequent method.

[Thin-bed underfloor heating with insulation]

Thin-layer underfloor heating

If the usual structure of 70 to 85 mm is not available in your project or would take up too much space, we have the perfect solution for you: our thin-film underfloor heating. With a minimalist design of just 40 mm, it is not only space-saving, but also efficient in heat transfer. It is a modern answer to spatial challenges that simultaneously focuses on comfort and energy efficiency.

Transparent costs

Take a look at our transparent costs and see for yourself!


Experience meets innovation – over 35 years of industry knowledge

Over the last few decades, we have helped countless households create a comfortable indoor climate. Whether you want to build a new home or optimize your existing living situation - we are your trustworthy specialist partner for all projects relating to underfloor heating, screed work as well as tiling and insulation projects.

Thanks to our many years of industry expertise, we guarantee flawless project implementation, with the focus always on transparency and cost efficiency for you. It gives us great pleasure when satisfied customers recommend us from generation to generation - for us this is the most impressive proof of our quality work.

We warmly invite you to join us in setting new standards in terms of living comfort and efficiency. With a clear pricing structure and the goal of enabling you to save long-term heating costs, we are ready to turn your wishes into reality. Contact us and experience how expertise and commitment go hand in hand.

[ FAQs ]

Do you have anymore questions?

Do I get impact sound insulation with my underfloor heating?

Yes, laying footfall sound insulation is completely included when laying your underfloor heating at the finished price.

Do you also install the distributors for the underfloor heating?

The costs for setting and connecting the distributors are fully included in our offer.

Do you deliver everything ready to go?

Yes, from laying the tacker panel with heat and footfall sound insulation, to installing all the pipes and distributors to laying the heated screed, we deliver everything to you ready-made, labor and material included.

When can I start heating the floor?

After 21 days you can start heating. The protocol described in DIN EN 1264-4 (room surface-integrated heating and cooling systems with water flow) provides for a flow temperature of 25 °C for the first three days and then four days at maximum flow temperature. We would be happy to help you if you have any further questions.

Can I get a personal offer?

Of course, we would be happy to make you an individual offer for your underfloor heating. Simply let us know your wishes using the contact form.

Can I retrofit underfloor heating?

In many cases, it is also possible to retrofit underfloor heating close to the surface. Simply contact us via the contact form, e-mail or telephone and we will be happy to make you a fair offer.

When can you lay my underfloor heating?

Typically, we will be at your site within five days of ordering your underfloor heating at the finished price - punctually at the agreed time.

Underfloor heating with screed costs

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