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Water softening system for lower costs and more enjoyment

Soft water protects your home appliances from wear and tear, can reduce your energy bills, and improves the taste of your morning coffee or tea. With a water softener in your home, enjoy and save every time you heat water for daily use. Our company will install a water softening system for permanently soft and hygienic drinking water from your tap at a fair cost.

Advantages of a water softening system for your household

The time-consuming cleaning of calcified fittings, high detergent consumption and expensive repair costs for damage caused by limescale deposits in dishwashers or washing machines - everyone knows the problems of hard water. A professionally installed descaling system softens the water used in your home and protects your household appliances from costly repairs.

You have to use up to 20% more energy if the heating coils in your water heater are covered with a layer of lime only 1 millimeter thick. In addition to the saved costs, families with a decalcification system appreciate the increased living comfort as an important advantage. Boiled with soft water, coffee and tea develop a richer variety of flavors, indoor plants bloom and freshly washed laundry feels pleasantly soft on your skin.

What is hard water and which cities and regions are most affected?

There is a great wealth of important minerals in drinking water, which sometimes comes close to the mineral waters of well-known brands. However, calcium and magnesium are regarded as hardeners, since their salts form poorly soluble compounds that we know as encrusted white deposits in bathrooms and kitchens. A decalcification system removes a large part of these minerals from the water, making it softer.

Hard water comes mainly from regions with a lot of sand and limestone in the ground. In Germany, Berlin, Thuringia and northern Bavaria are known for hard water. In addition to Munich, Stuttgart and Nuremberg, our company also recommends a water softening system for the hard-hit cities of Düsseldorf, Cologne and Münster, which will save you costs and repairs.

How does a water softener work?

The hardness-causing minerals are present in water as small, negatively charged particles called cations. A decalcifying system is therefore sometimes also called a cation exchanger. This term describes how it works. The cation exchanger directs the incoming, highly calcium-containing water over a resin enriched with sodium ions. The resin in the water softener binds the calcium and replaces it with easily soluble sodium.

To regularly add new sodium to the resin in your decalcification system, use a simple salt that corresponds to table salt. This process is called regeneration and is why your water softener has multiple chambers. While one chamber is regenerating, the other chamber supplies you with soft drinking water. Every water softening system that our company installs is permanently hygienic and safe.

Technically competent installation of your decalcification system

Our company has been active in the construction sector for more than thirty years and is well established. Our customers appreciate the friendliness and praise the expertise of our employees. For your satisfaction, we always pay attention to the high quality of the materials and products used by our company. You will receive a water softening system from us that has been awarded the DIN DVGW certificate by the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water (DVGW).

With this certificate you ensure that your descaling system passes all technical tests with regard to hygiene as well as permanent safety and functionality. With our company, you can be sure that the water from your water softening system will continue to be hygienic and soft even after many years of operation.

With our company you are right

In addition to the professional quality, the long-standing customers of our company are particularly happy about the friendly and competent customer service. If you have any questions, we can be reached quickly and easily via WhatsApp, telephone or e-mail. Our well-rehearsed team will advise you sympathetically and attentively in order to select the right water softening system for your household.

Talk to us today and we will install your decalcification system on your desired date. You can already look forward to falling costs, clean fittings and delicious coffee enjoyment.