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[ Costs & prices per m² ]

Concrete construction & troweling costs

Smoothing concrete: all about your benefits and costs

Having concrete smoothed by professionals can have numerous benefits for you and your home. At the same time, it incurs costs that vary depending on the total area. We will show you why it can make sense to have concrete smoothed and what average costs you can expect.

Have concrete floor smoothed at a fixed price

Contact us if you would like to have concrete smoothed without variable cost estimates. You will receive an offer from us that includes all costs - from advice and the provision of materials to the work performed. This means that the costs for smoothing your concrete always remain calculable. If you do not agree with our quotation, you will not incur any further costs.

This frees you from a considerable amount of work: you do not have to calculate square meter prices and additional costs. All costs can be viewed at a single glance. Optionally, you can extend this by not only having concrete smoothed, but also having new concrete paving carried out by us. If you have any questions about our offer and our approach, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Variable sizes for your building project

We offer different price scales in several performance levels depending on the total area. With us, you can have concrete smoothed in this way and choose in advance which package suits your needs. This means that only fixed costs are incurred, to which no further costs are subsequently added.

Take your time to measure the area you want to have smoothed and decide on the right variant for your application. Within a short space of time, you will have a practical, hard-wearing concrete floor that is highly durable and aesthetically pleasing. This can contribute to a significant increase in property value in the long term.

Having concrete smoothed: our offer

The exact price per square meter depends on the package you choose. As a rule of thumb, the larger the area, the lower the price per square meter. Numerous services are included in every offer:

- You receive a guarantee that work will begin within a certain period of time. This means that we will smooth the concrete at your premises on schedule and on time.

- All materials are included in the price. You don't have to worry about anything, just leave the demanding task of concrete smoothing to our specialist staff.

- The work is included in the price, there are no additional costs for you.

You only need to provide light, water and electricity. If this is available, you do not have to provide any further services.

[ Sash smoothing cost per square meter ]

Cost per square meter


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[ Costs for smoothing and installation ]

Concrete paving and smoothing costs

from 300 m²


from 300 m²

  • Arrival and departure to your construction project
  • Hard grain scattering
  • Sash smoothing
  • Handover of the clean foundation
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up to 1000 m²


up to 1000 m²

  • Arrival and departure to your construction project
  • Paving & stripping concrete
  • Hard grain scattering
  • Sash smoothing
  • Handover of the clean foundation
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[ Installing and smoothing ]

Smooth concrete and have new concrete installed

If you not only want to have existing concrete floors smoothed, but also want to install new concrete, we can also do this for you. Opt for the appropriate service package to have new concrete installed in addition to concrete smoothing. As this is a considerable additional expense, it will affect the costs. Nevertheless, you can still look forward to a fixed price, which makes it much easier for you to calculate the costs.

Please note that concrete installation is weather-dependent. If this is ignored, there is a risk of weather damage, which can be caused by snow, frost or excessive heat from sunlight. Our employees will provide you with comprehensive advice on how to avoid potential weather damage. Although this will limit the time frame for the actual work, you can be sure that you will not risk any long-term weather damage.

Outstanding quality thanks to first-class equipment

The result of smooth concrete depends to a large extent on the equipment used and the skills of the employees. The existing concrete surface is leveled and professionally smoothed using modern trowels. Any fine particles in the concrete are evenly distributed and compacted so that the result of the surface is reminiscent of screed.

Depending on the trowel, it is possible to create different structures for the surface. Edges where the concrete floor comes into contact with the adjacent wall are also taken into account. Ultimately, this also increases safety: a smooth floor leaves less room for tripping hazards. Depending on where it is used, this can contribute significantly to personal safety within your own four walls.

[ Offer from a qualified screed layer ]

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[ New installation ]

FBH - The classic structure

While our thin-layer underfloor heating impresses with its efficient and compact design, we understand that the premium solution is not the right choice for every customer. That's why we also offer the tried and tested classic design, which comes with a total installation height of 85 mm.

Price clarity

We focus on price clarity - simple and transparent, with no hidden costs.

[ Subsequent installation ]

Milling underfloor heating

If you do not wish to remove the screed, it is possible to mill underfloor heating directly into the screed. This method is not only fast and precise, but also economically advantageous, as you do not need an additional structure and therefore save room height.

Transparent costs

Transparent costs - no surprises, just honest prices.


Do you have any questions?

Why should I have my concrete floor smoothed?

The surface quality is improved. The older the concrete floor, the more damage is caused by wear and tear. Cracks, unevenness and other defects in the concrete floor are eliminated by smoothing. In the long term, you also reduce cleaning costs: dirt and grime on a smooth concrete floor cannot get into cracks, making cleaning cheaper and more thorough. This reduces maintenance costs over time.

Does concrete smoothing have a positive effect on the material?

The building fabric remains intact for longer, as moisture cannot penetrate cracks. This can significantly extend the durability of a concrete floor - even if "only" the surface is smoothed. The wear resistance can be significantly improved by incorporating hard materials.

How much does concrete smoothing cost per square meter?

When we smooth your concrete, we use one of our fixed price offers as a cost basis. The costs per square meter can only be calculated to a limited extent, as many other costs - materials, labor - are included. Simply opt for the package that covers your needs to get the best possible price.

Smoothing and paving concrete Costs

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