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[ Costs & prices for retrofitting ]

Milling underfloor heating costs

Cozy warmth with economical energy - we are happy to retrofit this comfort for you by milling underfloor heating into your existing floor. Many house and apartment owners are pleasantly surprised at how easily underfloor heating can be integrated into the existing screed. Families often save a lot of money with this decision, as underfloor heating systems are energy-saving and economical thanks to their low flow temperature.

Underfloor heating for retrofitting - for small rooms and large areas

Our screed company attaches great importance to quality, openness and customer service. We have been providing our satisfied customers with this recipe for more than 35 years. Our many years of experience and the use of modern methods allow us to make tough calculations and offer you a price for underfloor heating milling that is clear and fair.

We have the right offer for every size of living space. Whether you want to provide a small bathroom with cozy warmth from below or equip your entire home with this convenience - with us, you pay a price you can rely on for floor tiling.

[ Milling underfloor heating costs per square meter ]

Cost per square meter


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[ Costs for the complete installation ]

Milling underfloor heating - costs & prices

up to 100 sqm

ÔéČ 8000

up to 100 m2

  • Heating load calculation
  • Wall and floor breakthrough
  • Attaching the distributors
  • Installation of supply line
  • Pump group for underfloor heating
  • Milling the grooves
  • Laying the aluminum composite pipe
  • 1. pressure test
  • Closing the grooves
  • 2. pressure test
  • Hydraulic balancing
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up to 200 sqm

ÔéČ 12000

up to 200 m2

  • Heating load calculation
  • Wall and floor breakthrough
  • Attaching the distributors
  • Installation of supply line
  • Pump group for underfloor heating
  • Milling the grooves
  • Laying the aluminum composite pipe
  • 1. pressure test
  • Closing the grooves
  • 2. pressure test
  • Hydraulic balancing
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[ How does it work?]

This is how we proceed when milling for your underfloor heating

As soon as you have made an appointment with us for an assessment, we will come to you to inspect your existing floor. If your screed is at least 35-40 mm thick, laid in accordance with standards, smooth and hardened, then you're ready to go. The process used by our screed company has been tried and tested for decades and allows underfloor heating to be successfully retrofitted even in old buildings. Our employees carry out the following work steps for you:

  1. Heat load calculation: To determine the exact requirements of your rooms.
  2. Floor test: We check whether your screed is 35-40 mm thick, conforms to standards and is suitable.
  3. Wall and floor breakthrough: For the necessary installation.
  4. Milling the grooves: This is where we lay the tracks for your heating pipes.
  5. Laying the aluminum composite pipe: Into the freshly milled grooves.
  6. Attaching and connecting the manifolds: For efficient heat distribution.
  7. Pump group for underfloor heating: Ensures optimum operation.
  8. 1. pressure test: ensuring quality and tightness.
  9. Clean closing of the grooves: For a flawless finish.
  10. 2nd pressure test: double check for your safety.
  11. Hydraulic balancing: For even heat distribution.

After a thorough final inspection, we will hand over your new underfloor heating system. You can then install your planned floor covering immediately without any further waiting time or start laying your tiles in the bathroom. Milling underfloor heating saves you money and gives you a completely new, pleasant feeling of warmth in your familiar surroundings.

Additional costs for the milling system

  1. Number of storeys: The more storeys your building has, the more it can cost because more materials and work are required.

  2. Underfloor heating control: Different control systems have different prices. Advanced systems may cost more, but may save energy.

  3. Laying distance: The distance between the heating pipes influences how much material you need and how evenly the room is heated. A closer spacing can cost more, but ensures even heat.

[ Offer from a qualified screed layer ]

Your digital offer in four steps

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  • 02
    Automatic calculation

  • 03
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  • 04
    Project preparation

[ New installation ]

Underfloor heating costs

If the milling method cannot be implemented due to special structural conditions, a completely new installation of the underfloor heating can be considered. Such an installation ensures that you benefit from the advantages of an efficient heating solution. The following information provides a clear cost breakdown for such a new installation and the accompanying screed.

Transparent cost overview

A clear presentation of costs is important to us. We provide you with detailed insights into the price structure without hidden fees.

[ The modern floor covering ]

Exposed screed costs

Contemporary interior design loves naturalness and elegance. Exposed screed, produced from high-quality cement screed, embodies this trend - it combines minimalist beauty with reliability. It not only enhances the look, but also provides a solid and durable foundation. Be inspired by how this floor covering can enhance your living space and find out about its economic benefits.

Transparent costs

Experience the modern aesthetics of exposed screed, where design meets affordable price.

[ Efficient heating solutions with experience ]

35 years of experience on your side

Our customers have placed their trust in us for more than three decades. One call is all it takes for us to come and mill your underfloor heating, lay your screed or carry out other tiling, demolition and insulation work for new builds, conversions or renovations. We help you to keep the costs clear and manageable. Many of our regular customers are so satisfied with us that they not only recommend us to their friends, but also to their own offspring. This fills us with pride and pleasure.

We would also like to impress you with our customer service and professional expertise. Allow us to mill your underfloor heating. We will make the costs transparent and fair for you so that you can immediately see how quickly the small price will pay for itself through savings on your heating bill. Fill out our contact form today and you can look forward to your new underfloor heating soon.


Do you have any questions?

Do you also connect the underfloor heating?

Yes, after we have laid out the aluminum composite pipes, we install and connect all the distributors for you.

Do you deliver everything ready-made?

Yes, our offer to mill your floor at a ready-made price includes everything, including delivery, materials, connecting the manifolds, expert sealing of the grooves and handover of your new underfloor heating system.

Which heating pipes do you use?

We use high-quality aluminum composite pipes that are resistant to ageing and diffusion-proof. These pipes have been tried and tested over many years and protect your heating system.

When can I start heating up the new underfloor heating?

When we mill your underfloor heating and install it in your existing screed, you can immediately cover the floor and start heating.

Can I also retrofit an individual room with underfloor heating?

Yes, even if you only want to equip a single bathroom or your living room with energy-saving panel heating, you've come to the right place. The great advantage of our method is that you can reapply your floor covering straight away. This means that your home can be fully used again immediately.

Can I receive an individual offer from you?

We would be happy to prepare a personalized offer for you. Please simply state your requirements in the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

When will you be with me to mill the underfloor heating?

We have a very short lead time. We will be with you punctually at the agreed time, typically within five days of your order.

Do you also install underfloor heating in new builds?

We would also be happy to lay your underfloor heating and the associated screed for your new build project. Simply let us know the size of the planned area and we will provide you with a convincing quote.

When can you come by?

After your order, we will be with you within 5-7 days to lay your exposed screed.

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