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Hard-wearing floor coating for living areas and traffic areas

Modern, visually attractive and extremely easy to clean - floor coatings in the home are becoming increasingly important. As screed layers, we offer you a professional floor coating whose high quality was long reserved for trade and industry.

What characterizes a floor coating

With floor coatings, you get seamless, hard-wearing and cost-effective floors for use and living. For a long time, this attractive alternative to parquet, tiles and laminate was only found in schools, offices and commercial buildings. In the course of converting unused industrial areas into sought-after, light-flooded lofts, modern coatings have found their way into residential construction thanks to their positive properties.

The base materials for the floor coating are liquid or paste products, which we as screed layers apply evenly to the underlying concrete or screed. Depending on the material used and the planned use, the selected floor coating hardens elastically or firmly. The surface can be walked on quickly and is fully load-bearing within a few days.

Advantages of a high-quality floor coating

With our experience as screed layers, we can offer you floor coatings that are impermeable to liquids, easy to clean and extremely hard-wearing. However, should mechanical damage occur after a pet's joyful outburst or due to a falling sharp object, the material allows these small blemishes to be repaired quickly and easily. We can also repair large floor areas for you promptly and on schedule. Depending on the weather conditions, your surface can be walked on after just 24 hours and is fully resilient a few days later. Certain additives allow us to color your floor coating according to your wishes, make it non-slip and provide it with a high-gloss or matt finish. The choice is entirely up to you.

Polyurethane, epoxy resin or acrylate

For residential and commercial properties, we as screed layers recommend a floor coating made of polyurethane, epoxy resin or acrylate, depending on the surface and screed used. Polyurethane coatings are very versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors, for example for balconies or corridors. The elastic hardening surface provides a pleasant walking sensation and at the same time absorbs impact sound. Epoxy resin consists of two components, the base and a hardener, which we mix directly on site. The coating is very hard, durable and has very good resistance to chemicals. Acrylate is open to diffusion, self-crosslinking and is a cost-effective floor coating for low-traffic areas.

Durable floor coating for residential properties

It is easy to maintain and still as beautiful after many years as it was on the first day: a modern floor coating is suitable for almost any residential property, private home or multi-storey building. Durable and robust coatings are ideal for garages, basements and balconies. Easy-to-clean floor coatings are suitable for hallways, kitchens and living rooms, in either subtle or bold colors and patterns. Good floor coatings are also resilient durable abrasion resistant easy to clean visually appealing with many design options

Hard-wearing floor coatings for traffic areas

Hard-wearing floor coatings offer clear advantages for areas with heavy vehicle and public traffic. In railroad stations, exhibition halls or schools, the high impact and shock resistance of the coating is an important criterion. From our experience as screed layers, we are happy to recommend a tough-elastic floor coating for these areas, which offers a high level of walking comfort and efficient impact sound insulation. Vehicles cause a high concentration of CO2 near the floor when they drive into parking garages, multi-storey and underground garages. In winter, they also bring in condensation and road salt. For these surfaces, we offer floor coatings that reliably protect your underlying screed or concrete with high resistance to such pollutants.

Special coatings for industry

The abrasion-resistant and easy-to-clean coatings are ideal for use as storage, production and laboratory floors. Every industry has its own requirements, which we fulfill for you as a screed company by selecting and mixing the right floor coating. In the food industry, we use products with non-slip properties that meet occupational safety requirements and can withstand high mechanical, chemical and thermal loads. For use in the electronics industry, we use so-called ESD flooring, which uses conductive additives to dissipate electrostatic discharges in a controlled manner. We will be happy to find the right floor coating for your challenge.

Manual work ensures long-lasting quality

We want you to enjoy your flooring for a long time and use all our experience and expertise to achieve this. This begins with a thorough consultation, during which we analyze your requirements, wishes and the existing subfloor in order to make a well-founded recommendation. With the optimum floor coating, we ensure that you will enjoy walking on your floor for many years to come as much as you did on the first day. Before applying the floor coating, our experienced team carefully inspects the substrate and prepares it professionally for the application of the liquid compound. This saves you any surprises later on due to dirt particles or unwanted bubbles. In more than 35 years of laying screeds, we have gained the experience to find a suitable solution for every challenge. Get in touch with us today. We are easy to reach by phone, email or WhatsApp. Start your project now and contact us, and you can soon look forward to your individually optimized floor coating.