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[ Costs & Prices ]

Milling screed Costs

In the world of modern construction, the quality of subfloor preparation is invaluable. In particular, the precise milling of screed forms the foundation for a floor covering that meets the highest standards in terms of appearance, functionality and durability. Our service packages are designed to offer you maximum flexibility and a transparent cost structure. This means you can be sure of choosing the ideal solution for your building project, with full cost control. As leading experts in screed milling, we are committed to providing you with a service that is tailored precisely to your individual needs.

Screed milling according to thickness

Our screed milling services are finely tuned to the specific thickness of the screed to be worked on in order to ensure optimum preparation for the subsequent work steps:

  • Light milling (up to 5 mm): This option is ideal for removing minor irregularities or preparing the screed for a new surface coating. It ensures a smooth and even base, which is essential for the quality of the end product.

  • Deep milling (over 5 mm): For projects that require more extensive work on the screed - whether due to significant damage or to completely redesign the floor structure - this option is the right choice. With this method, even deeper layers of screed can be effectively removed and the substrate prepared for a new installation.

  • Extreme milling (over 10 mm): This category is intended for projects that require particularly intensive processing - for example, the removal of complete screed layers or preparation for a completely new subfloor. With specialized tools and techniques, we can meet even the most demanding requirements and optimally prepare the substrate for further work.

Your success is our goal

Our experienced team will support you with professional advice and conscientious execution of your screed milling work. By using advanced technologies and methods, we ensure precise and effective milling, regardless of the thickness of the screed. Our in-depth understanding of the materials and associated requirements ensures that your project is carried out with the utmost care and expertise to achieve first-class results.

[ Screed milling costs per square meter ]

Cost per square meter


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[ Costs and prices per square meter for milling off the screed ]

Screed milling costs and prices

Easy milling

28 €

per m²

  • Arrival and departure
  • Prepare work area
  • Easy milling (up to 5 mm)
  • Remove building dust
  • Disposing of screed fragments
  • Clean foundation handed over
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Extreme milling


per m²

  • Arrival and departure
  • Prepare work area
  • Extreme milling (over 10 mm)
  • Remove building dust
  • Disposing of screed fragments
  • Clean foundation handed over
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[ What's included?]

Complete service for dust-free screed milling

For the professional processing of your screed, our service offers a complete solution that meets the highest quality standards. Our team, specialized in dust-free screed milling, guarantees high-quality execution of all necessary steps. With our all-inclusive offer, we cover all services to prepare your floor perfectly for the next phase of your project:

  • Arrival and departure: Our team ensures reliable logistics so that you can start on time at your construction site.
  • Dust-free screed milling: By using the latest milling technologies, we enable precise milling of the screed without affecting the air quality or the environment.
  • Protection of the foundation: We proceed carefully to preserve the integrity of the load-bearing foundation and at the same time ensure optimum preparation for subsequent work steps.
  • Direct dust removal: The effective extraction of milling dust directly at the source minimizes contamination and ensures a clean working environment.
  • Environmentally friendly disposal: All milling waste is collected responsibly and disposed of properly to minimize environmental impact.
  • Handover of a prepared foundation: Once the work has been completed, we hand over a perfectly prepared foundation for the next steps in your construction project.

Consideration of possible additional costs

When navigating your screed milling project, forward financial planning is crucial. A key aspect of this is understanding and accounting for potential additional costs. At the same time, we offer special package deals to simplify planning for smaller sites. This approach is designed to help you plan the next phase of your construction project with full cost transparency and efficiency.

Consideration of possible additional costs:

  • Specialized milling techniques: Depending on the specific requirements of your screed, the use of advanced milling techniques may be required, which can lead to additional costs. However, this investment is essential for the quality assurance of the project.

  • Adaptations for special construction site conditions: Every construction project is unique and special challenges require customized solutions. Such adaptations can entail additional costs, which are clearly communicated in advance.

  • Subfloor repairs: Thorough preparation of the subfloor is the key to a successful completion of the project. Any necessary repairs are an investment in the longevity and stability of your floor.

  • All-inclusive offer: For smaller construction sites, we offer all-inclusive offers that provide a direct and uncomplicated cost overview. This approach minimizes the administrative effort and ensures clear conditions right from the start

With a focus on transparency and efficiency, we want to make the transition to product selections and price lists as smooth as possible. Discover our wide range of services and products specifically designed to make your project successful and cost-conscious. Our experts are ready to guide you through every phase of your project and provide a customized solution that meets your needs.

[ Offer from a qualified screed layer ]

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[ Grinding ]

Screed grinding & sanding costs

If milling is not an option, our sanding and grinding service is available to you. These processes allow fine tuning of the substrate for optimum results. We guarantee complete cost transparency to make your budget planning easier. Further details of our services and the associated costs can be found on the following page.

Price clarity

Clear and direct pricing: your options for screed grinding.

[ New installation ]

Underfloor heating costs

Discover the comfort and efficiency of modern underfloor heating systems that strike the perfect balance between cozy warmth and energy efficiency. These heating solutions are characterized not only by their ability to create a pleasant indoor climate, but also by their cost-effectiveness and environmental compatibility. For precise price information and comprehensive insights into the benefits of our underfloor heating systems, we invite you to visit the following page.

Transparent costs

No hiding: the clear costs of our underfloor heating installation


Do you have any questions?

What is screed milling?

Screed milling is a process in which the top layer of screed is mechanically removed to prepare the substrate for further treatment. Unlike sanding, which tends to be used for smoothing the surface, milling allows thicker layers to be removed and is often the first step in the refurbishment or renovation of floors.

Why should you mill screed?

Milling can effectively remove damaged or uneven screed to create an even and clean surface. This is particularly important to ensure optimum adhesion for new floor coverings or coatings and to compensate for height differences.

How are the costs for screed milling calculated?
  1. The cost usually depends on various factors, such as the size of the area, the thickness of the layer to be removed and the specific requirements of the project. Many providers offer an on-site visit to provide an accurate quote.

Can any screed be milled?
  1. In principle, almost any screed can be milled. However, there are differences in the approach, depending on the type of screed (e.g. cement screed, anhydrite screed) and the condition of the material. Experts can make a recommendation after an assessment.

How long does screed milling take?

The duration of the milling process varies depending on the scope of the project and the specific conditions on site. Smaller projects can often be completed within a day, while larger areas take longer.

What about the use of the room after sanding?

After sanding and any sealing or impregnation, the screed must harden completely before the room can be used normally again. The exact time varies depending on the material used and the ambient conditions.

Milling screed Costs

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