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Laying dry screed Costs

In today's construction industry, the efficiency of floor design is of crucial importance. A key element in this is choosing the right screed that not only meets technical and functional requirements, but also satisfies ecological and economic criteria. Dry screed systems offer an outstanding solution here. They combine numerous advantages, including quick installation, excellent insulating properties and a wide range of possible applications. As your reliable partner, we have made it our mission to find and implement the optimum dry screed solution for your project. Our expertise covers various materials and systems that are specially tailored to the individual requirements of your construction project. Below we present our carefully selected dry screed variants, which focus on both sustainability and performance. You will then find a transparent cost overview to help you make an informed decision.

Our dry screed solutions

Wood fiberboard - excellence in sustainability: Our range of wood fiberboards stands for environmental protection and outstanding acoustic insulation performance. This option is specifically designed for projects where sustainable building materials and a healthy indoor environment are a priority. With their natural nature, our wood fiber boards effectively contribute to improved indoor quality and responsible use of resources.

Mineral wool - The epitome of comfort and insulation: The mineral wool variant is the result of our efforts to deliver outstanding thermal and acoustic insulation properties. It is ideal for environments that demand maximum comfort and safety. Its robust insulating properties make it an ideal choice for demanding living and working areas where well-being and efficiency are paramount.

Rigid polystyrene foam - Economical and effective: Our rigid polystyrene foam panels represent a cost-effective solution that does not compromise on quality. They offer solid performance in terms of thermal insulation and are particularly popular due to their ease of handling. This option is recommended for projects that require excellent value for money without compromising on insulation quality.

Precast screed - speed and efficiency: Our prefabricated screed is the ideal solution for projects with a tight schedule. It allows construction work to continue quickly thanks to its immediate load-bearing capacity after installation. This option is perfect for quick renovations and new builds where time is a critical factor.

Why lay dry screed?

Dry screed is not only a time- and cost-efficient solution for floor coverings, but also impresses with its versatility and performance in a wide variety of construction projects, especially in loft conversions and in situations where weight reduction is essential:

  • Time-saving installation: The quick and uncomplicated installation enables work to continue immediately, thus considerably reducing the construction time.

  • Ideal for loft conversions: Its lightness makes dry screed particularly suitable for loft conversions where the static load plays a critical role.

  • Weight-optimized: Due to its low weight, dry screed relieves the overall structure of the building, which is a great advantage, particularly in the case of renovations and extensions.

  • High adaptability: Whether sound or thermal insulation - dry screed offers a suitable solution for almost every requirement.

  • Sustainability: Many dry screed materials are environmentally friendly, support a healthy indoor climate and contribute to sustainable construction.

In short, dry screed is the ideal choice for projects where efficiency, adaptability and sustainability are paramount - be it a sophisticated loft conversion or the modernization of existing structures.

[ Dry screed cost per square meter ]

Prefabricated screed


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[ Costs & prices at a glance ]

Laying dry screed Cost per M2

Wood fiber

58 €

per m²

  • Arrival and departure
  • Prepare work area
  • Precise cutting of the panels
  • Laying wood fiber composite elements
  • Bonding & screwing panels
  • Disposal of cutting waste
  • Quality control and handover
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Rigid polystyrene foam


per m²

  • Arrival and departure
  • Prepare work area
  • Precise cutting of the panels
  • Laying rigid polystyrene foam elements
  • Bonding & screwing panels
  • Disposal of cutting waste
  • Quality control and handover
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[ What's included?]

Professional dry screed laying: A complete service

Our experienced team, specialized in the professional installation of dry screed, ensures first-class workmanship through precise working techniques and the use of state-of-the-art tools. Our comprehensive fixed price offer includes all the necessary services to optimally prepare your floor for the next steps in your construction project:

  • Arrival and departure: Ensuring efficient logistics and a punctual start of work at your location.
  • Precise cutting of the boards: Precise cutting of the dry screed boards for a perfect fit.
  • Laying prefabricated screed: Expert installation of prefabricated screed for rapid continuation of the construction process. ( with or without lamination )
  • Bonding & screwing boards: Secure and permanent fixing of the dry screed boards.
  • Disposal of cutting residues: Environmentally friendly disposal of all residual materials.
  • Handover of a clean foundation: Careful preparation and handover of the ground, ready for the next construction phases.

Consideration of possible additional costs:

  • Cutting to size in rooms with many corners and edges: In smaller rooms or those with numerous corners and edges, cutting the dry screed panels to size requires particular precision and increased labor. Adapting to these complex geometries increases the complexity of the cutting and therefore the time required for installation. This can lead to additional costs as a higher degree of manual adjustment and more intensive labor is required to ensure the perfect fit and a uniform appearance.
  • Material transportation on higher floors: For projects on higher floors, the transportation of materials can be more complex. Additional logistics costs are incurred, especially if no elevator is available.
  • Adjustment of the insulation layer height: The insulation requirements may vary, especially if a specific height of the insulation layer is required. Adjustments to the insulation height require additional materials and working time.
  • Substrate preparation: Careful preparation of the substrate is essential for the successful installation of dry screed. This includes, in particular, levelling unevenness and laying leveling layers to ensure an optimum base for the screed. These essential steps ensure the longevity and functionality of the installed floor. The increased effort required for this preparatory work, including the use of specific materials and the necessary working time, can lead to additional costs.
  • Mini projects: For smaller construction projects, we offer flat-rate billing, as the relative cost of laying dry screed is significantly higher in such cases. This enables a transparent and predictable cost structure that is specially tailored to the needs of smaller construction sites.

Transparent pricing and proven expertise

Our commitment to open communication and transparency forms the foundation of our service. Even before the project starts, we provide you with a precise cost overview, including a complete list of planned services and a clearly defined explanation of all potential additional costs. This transparent pricing policy guarantees that you always have complete control and an overview of your budget.

With more than three decades of experience in the industry and an impressive history of successfully completed projects, our company underlines its profound commitment to the highest quality standards and customer satisfaction. By integrating the most advanced technologies and the continuous training of our specialist staff, we guarantee the professional execution of your dry screed project - efficiently, precisely and with state-of-the-art technology.

Your trusted partner for dry screed installation

Choose the expertise and reliability of our company when it comes to laying dry screed. Our offer stands for careful and expert execution that creates the optimal basis for every construction project. Rely on our extensive experience and the expertise of our team to achieve a result that not only meets your expectations, but exceeds them.

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[ Cement screed ]

Screed laying costs

Dry screed, known for its quick and clean installation, represents an investment in higher quality and convenience, but is the more expensive option compared to cement screed. Both types of screed offer unique advantages for your building project. We provide detailed information on both options to help you choose the right solution for your specific requirements and budget.


Clear and direct: Our prices for cement screed laying.

[ Subsequent installation ]

Milling underfloor heating costs

Experience the incomparable comfort and outstanding efficiency of underfloor heating that is integrated directly into the screed through precise milling. Immerse yourself in the world of state-of-the-art heating technology and find out how this innovative system creates a pleasant indoor climate in your home - every day, all year round. Find out more about the cost of installing this underfloor heating system and discover the many benefits it offers, 

Transparent costs

Costs for laying exposed screed.


Do you have any questions?

What is dry screed?

Dry screed, also known as dry subfloor or prefabricated screed, is a flooring system consisting of prefabricated panels. These are laid directly on the subfloor or on an insulating layer, without the use of wet screed.

What are the advantages of laying dry screed?

Laying dry screed panels offers numerous advantages, including quick and clean installation, improved thermal and sound insulation and a high degree of flexibility in floor design. It is also an ideal solution for renovating existing floors.

How much does it cost to lay dry screed?

The cost of laying dry screed varies depending on the choice of material, area size and additional requirements such as thermal or impact sound insulation. For an exact cost estimate, we recommend an individual consultation.

Can dry screed be laid over an existing floor covering?

Yes, one of the strengths of dry screed is the ability to install it directly over an existing floor covering. This makes it an attractive option for renovation projects.

Is dry screed compatible with underfloor heating?

Dry screed systems are generally very compatible with underfloor heating systems. The panels can conduct and distribute heat efficiently, which contributes to optimum heating performance.

How long does it take to lay dry screed?

The duration of the dry screed installation depends on the size of the project and the complexity of the work. Compared to conventional screed, however, dry screed is characterized by significantly faster installation and commissioning.

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