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[ Costs & Prices ]

Exposed screed costs

With us, you can rely on openness and full transparency, because our exposed screed price per square meter is a complete price. Everything is included, from the expert work to the high-quality materials. With our experience of more than 35 years as screed layers, we will design your new floor expertly and professionally. Read here how you can get full control of your screed costs with us.

The right offer for every size

We welcome you with large and small construction projects. To ensure that you always get the best price, we have divided our offer into three levels.

  1. Screed (exposed screed) up to 100 m² floor area
  2. Screed (exposed screed) up to 150 m² floor area
  3. Screed (exposed screed) up to 200 m² floor area
  4. Screed (exposed screed) up to 250 m² floor area

For your assessment and planning: 100 m² corresponds to an average four-room apartment, while with 200 m² of floor space you can fit out a large detached house including terrace and garage with screed.

[ Exposed screed cost per square meter ]

Cost per square meter


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[ Exposed screed costs & prices at a glance ]

Exposed screed cost per square meter

up to 100 m²

130 €

up to 100 m²

  • Arrival and departure to your construction project
  • Remove meter mark
  • High-quality cement screed
  • Hard grain scattering
  • Non-porous sash smoothing
  • Controlled crack prevention
  • Joint cuts
  • Crack treatment
  • Fine sanding of the surface
  • Sealing or impregnation
  • Epoxy - high performance protection
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up to 200 m²


up to 200 m²

  • Arrival and departure to your construction project
  • Remove meter mark
  • High-quality cement screed
  • Hard grain scattering
  • Non-porous sash smoothing
  • Controlled crack prevention
  • Joint cuts
  • Crack treatment
  • Fine sanding of the surface
  • Sealing or impregnation
  • Epoxy - high performance protection
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[ What is included?]

Our exposed screed package at a glance:

Before you dive into the details of our exposed screed services, we would like to emphasize how important quality and customer satisfaction are to us. Every step we take is carried out with the utmost care and expertise. Here's what you can expect from us:

  1. Travel to the project site: We come directly to your construction project.
  2. Precise meter mark: Exact measurement for perfect results.
  3. First-class cement screed: Only the best for your floor.
  4. Optimum hard grain integration: For additional robustness.
  5. Flawless finish: Pore-free smoothing for a flawless surface.
  6. Crack prevention: Precautions to minimize the formation of cracks.
  7. Precisely defined joint cuts: aesthetics meets function.
  8. Comprehensive crack treatment: Cracks? Not with us!
  9. Careful finishing touches: The final touch for a perfect result.
  10. Protection for your floor: Choice of sealing or impregnation.

Color variants of the exposed screed

The base color of our exposed screed is characterized by the striking cement grey. This color represents a mixture of timeless elegance and modern minimalism.

Individuality through color adjustments:

  • Dark cement gray: An intense shade that brings depth and structure to the room. Ideal for those who prefer classic sophistication.

  • Light cement gray: A fresh, light tone that gives rooms a feeling of spaciousness and freshness.

Choosing the right color will make your room vibrant, inviting and unique. Set accents and give your home or business space that certain something with our custom-made exposed screed color variants.

Additional costs for exposed screed

While our standard visible screed already offers excellent value for money, there are situations in which special requirements and wishes need to be taken into account. These can result in additional costs, which we would like to inform you about transparently here:

  1. Color adjustments: Our standard color for exposed screed is a natural cement grey. However, if you wish to customize this color, be it lighter or darker, special materials and work steps are required. This can be done by adding special pigments and incurs additional costs.

  2. Epoxy high-performance protection: A particularly resistant floor requires special care. Our epoxy high-performance protection offers precisely this quality. If you choose this option to give your floor extra protection, you will have to expect additional costs.

Every customer has individual wishes and needs, and we strive to fulfill these in the best possible way. If you have any questions about the additional costs or if you would like a customized offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

[ Offer from a qualified screed layer ]

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Do you have any questions?

Is exposed screed suitable for living spaces?

Yes, exposed screed is very suitable for the whole home. The elegant screed gives your rooms an airy, modern ambience. What's more, exposed screed saves you the cost of an additional floor covering.

Is exposed screed suitable for bathrooms?

Yes, exposed screed is ideal for damp rooms. Would you like an easy-care and seamless bathroom? Then exposed screed is the right choice for you.

How do I clean exposed screed?

Exposed screed is easy to maintain. In addition to sweeping or vacuuming, a little water and stone soap is enough to keep your floor clean and tidy at all times.

Which screed do I get as a visible screed?

We use high-quality cement screed for your exposed screed. We then smooth, sand and seal the professionally applied screed to create an attractive exposed screed. The price includes these services as a complete package.

How long does drying take?

The drying time for your exposed screed depends on the thickness. Typically, your screed will be completely dry and fully loadable after six to eight weeks.

Can it be done faster?

If your schedule requires it, we can greatly shorten the drying time for your screed with suitable additives. Please just let us know.

When can I walk on the exposed screed?

You can walk on your screed after just a few days. Please wait for the drying time before placing the floor under full load. This gives the residual moisture sufficient time to escape via vapor diffusion.

Can you provide me with an individual price quotation for exposed screed?

We would be happy to make you an individual offer, just contact us. So you can keep your visible screed costs under control at all times.

When can you come by?
After your order, we will be with you within 5-7 days to lay your exposed screed.

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