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Professional screed impact sound insulation prevents sound transmission in the house (Image: Pheelings media/Shutterstock)

Screed impact sound insulation: These 3 things are important

The right screed impact sound insulation is a crucial factor in increasing living comfort in a building. Sound bridges, through which impact sound is transmitted from one floor to another, can not only be annoying, but can also be a cause of conflict in apartment buildings. To ensure efficient screed impact sound insulation, you should pay particular attention to the following three aspects [...]

Detect asbestos in the floor

How to detect asbestos in the floor and act correctly Do you live or work in an older building and are wondering how you can detect asbestos in the floor? A legitimate question, because many buildings from the last century contain building materials in which asbestos was used. Once valued for its durability and fire protection properties, asbestos […]

Repair screed

Repair screed - New screed does not always have to be laid

In the past, screed was only known as the substrate for the actual floor covering. It was the layer between a (hopefully) efficient insulation and a beautiful parquet, flow or laminate floor. Nowadays screed can do much more. It is not only used as an intermediate layer, but also for the installation of underfloor heating or even as a gloss finish instead of an additional floor covering. [...]

insulation of the floor

The perfect insulation for your floor

A warm house in every season and with the lowest possible heating costs: With the right insulation, this doesn't have to remain a dream. In today's article we deal with the insulation of your floors and the different types of insulation and materials. Find out below which insulating materials are suitable for your floor and how you can increase thermal efficiency […]

Floating screed with wall insulation strips

Floating screed – a new level of well-being

According to a current study by Interhyp, the majority of German tenants are enthusiastic about owning their own property. For 72% of those surveyed, buying a house or apartment is one of their most cherished desires. In order to feel really comfortable, renovation or even refurbishment measures are often necessary. A pleasant warmth, a poor background noise and an individual design are […]

Exposed screed or floor coating

Exposed screed or floor coating – which floor is right for me? Germany's floors are experiencing a new trend. The elemental look of exposed screed and large-area floor coatings is increasingly meeting the taste of German tenants and homeowners. But what is it about industrial flooring that makes it so appealing for residential use as […]

Screed structure – get to know your floor

Screed is a jointless, resilient and flexible flooring for residential, commercial and industrial areas. Depending on the material, sealing and installation, it is possible to achieve different application goals with the screed structure, for example as a heating screed, sloping screed or as protection against aggressive chemicals. The adjustment of the screed construction height also […]

screed or floor coating

Fair-faced screed or floor coating - which floor is right for me? Germany's floors are experiencing a new trend. The elementary look of fair-faced screed and large-area floor coatings is increasingly appealing to German tenants and homeowners. But what makes industrial floors so attractive for living areas? A quick look at the pros and cons might […]